We are one of the oldest, largest and most active fly fishing clubs on the Gulf Coast, with members that fish for everything from Cobia to Rainbow Trout. In addition to monthly meetings we have a fishing trip or event nearly every month.  Our regular traditional events include:

  • Annual Banquet and Charity Auction
  • Charity Donations/Events for Conservation and the Gulf
    Coast Research Lab
  • Annual IFFF-GCC regional Fly Fishing Fair
  • Fly Fishing Seminars at local events and boat shows
  • Special Beginners Seminars for new members
  • Sponsorship for the GCRL “Fly Fishing Summer Camp”
  • Annual Fish Fry (usually other fish fries as well!)
  • “Poisson Gras” (Big Fish) tournament
  • Summer Casting Clinics by our own Syd Smith IFFF MCI
  • Annual Holiday Party
  • Local Fishing Trips to barrier islands, bayous, marshes, bays, and rivers.
  • Travel Fishing trips to Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana, Florida, and others.

Annual HOSSFLY Angler of the Year award  – selected each year by consensus of our past presidents, generally for contributions to our club and/or fly fishing acheivement.

2002 – Jim Eggum

2003 – Mike Sharpe

2004 – Mike Sharpe

2005 – Rob Recio

2006 – Don Abrams

2007 – Sydney Smith

2008 – Jim Magee

2009 – Anita Arguelles

2010 – Dennis Craig

2011 – Mike Arguelles

2012 – Mike Barnes

2013 – Spence Boyd

2014 – Leon Legget

2015 – Rod Fields

2016 – vacant