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July  2001
30 tn_greenscat.jpg (2840 bytes) medium The colors have not been modified and the green didn't seem to come from a mold.  I think it's raccoon poop, but I have no idea what he might have eaten.  I wonder if the nuclear medicine folks at Emory left the back door open.
29 tn_sitnstop.jpg (5420 bytes) medium It's odd.   I can't really identify what it was that appealed to me about this scene.
28 tn_magnoliabud.jpg (1925 bytes) medium A magnolia bud that was blown off the tree before it matured.  The detail is amazing.  The tan stalk and the head look  mamalian, with fine "fur."  The portion of the stalk just below the seed head could pass for part of a dinosaur.
27 tn_mangodetail.jpg (1691 bytes) medium Look closely at a mango and this is what you see.  It's like a combination of a NASA image of a volcano on Mars and one of Madonna's bras.
26 tn_mango.jpg (1909 bytes) medium What if the moon rose with color like this? 
25 tn_strawberrypie.jpg (10791 bytes) medium Strawberry pie baked from a recipe for peach pie from General George Patton's niece.
24 tn_peachesinchains.jpg (3186 bytes) medium Peaches doing hard time in downtown Atlanta.  This is the only peach tree I've ever seen in the city.  It's next door to the Atlanta Municipal Market, a few blocks from Peachtree Street.
21 tn_bonsairoots.jpg (2063 bytes) medium Roots on a bonsai maple tree at the monastery in Conyers.
20 tn_hornets.jpg (3846 bytes) medium They were feeding on the fermented sap of a tulip poplar tree.  Even I could smell it from ten yards away.
19 tn_manuels.jpg (3241 bytes) medium Manuel's at Highland and North.  I ran into Jimmy Carter there a few years back. 
18 medium It could be a deer's foreleg, but it's the stem of an immature magnolia grandiflora seed cone.
16 tn_dragonwings.jpg (2489 bytes) medium Dragonfly wings.  Get close enough and they look like cathedral windows.  Consider the fact that they support flight  and they become more wondrous than any building window.
16 tn_florenceclock.jpg (2314 bytes) medium The clock on Florence the stove.  Looks like a '57 Ford, doesn't it?
15 tn_poplarleafrain.jpg (3770 bytes) medium More raindrops on the same tulip poplar leaf.
14 tn_leaflens.jpg (2745 bytes) medium Raindrops on a tulip poplar leaf, acting as a convex lens.  I've read that it's possible to use a droplet of water clinging to a pine needle to focus the sun's light to start a fire.
13 tn_zebralongwing.jpg (4428 bytes) medium Zebra longwing, the Florida state butterfly.
12 tn_cracker.jpg (3008 bytes) medium It's the corner of a stale Saltine cracker I tossed into the yard for the birds, with a fast-moving ant on the edge.  The serrations look a lot like barnacles.
11 tn_sailsnail.jpg (3275 bytes) medium He/she/it/they is/are about the diameter of a pencil eraser. 
10 tn_shipislandsunset.jpg (1608 bytes) medium  Sunset on the east end of Ship Island.  An hour earlier, a line of 40 pelicans passed in perfect alignment, evenly spaced, flying three feet above the water.  Poetry on the wing.
9 tn_lilies.jpg (3881 bytes) medium The butterfly ginger lilies are blooming again and the air is laced with scent.
8   tn_katiefeet.jpg (1334 bytes) medium Katie on the beach.  She celebrated her 12th birthday last Monday.
7 tn_specmouth.jpg (3289 bytes) medium Speckled trout from Ship Island.
6 tn_house.finch.nest.jpg (3799 bytes) medium  House finch nest on Anne's and David's porch.
5 medium The underside of the mushroom. 
4 tn_pine.mushroom.jpg (4351 bytes) medium   Mushroom in the yard at Ocean Springs.
3 tn_blossom.jpg (2564 bytes) medium Blossom from that mimosa-like weed that grows on Front Beach.
2 tn_hermitcrab.jpg (1748 bytes) medium Hermit crab.

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