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April 1999
30 tn_pine.tree.debris.jpg (2684 bytes) medium Pine tree debris:  needles, bark, twigs, and flowers.
29 tn_poplar.seed.jpg (1652 bytes) medium The "wrapper" (don't remember the name) from a poplar tree flower.  Orange chevrons all over the deck.
28 (8128 bytes) medium Pot man on JP's patio.
27 tn_highway.dragon.jpg (3069 bytes) medium Just another roadside attraction near Clarksville, GA.
26 tn_volvo.boat.jpg (2073 bytes) medium A little-known Volvo accessory on the road from the lake to Atlanta.
25 (1699 bytes) medium Tom Minshew's five-foot flying dog at the Timpson Creek Gallery.
24 tn_bracket.fungus.little.jpg (2375 bytes) medium A bracket fungus near Lake Burton.  The individual lobes are about the size of pennies.
23 tn_tess.possum.jpg (1983 bytes) medium
My friend Tess and one of the five orphan 'possums I found last night.  tn_possum.tess.jpg (2081 bytes) Another portrait of the cute pair 
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22 tn_rose.wood.jpg (3738 bytes) medium The wooden lady in the window at JP's. View from outside.
21 tn_foxglove.jpg (3518 bytes) medium The dewy maw of a foxglove.  Actually, it was hose water.
20 (5982 bytes) medium It's not bad for grocery store coffee.
19 tn_crawfish.jpg (2420 bytes) medium And a crawfish.
18 tn_salamander.jpg (1889 bytes) medium A salamander Eric and I captured in the creek.
17 tn_orchid.jpg (2228 bytes) medium JP's orchid.
16 tn_hollow.tree.jpg (4174 bytes) medium The hollow in the oak by the back steps.
15 tn_compu.nerd.jpg (3271 bytes) medium Honest, that's the name of the company who sold us the fan.
14 (2189 bytes) medium A pattern in the bark of the oak by the back steps, rotated 90 degrees.
13 tn_maple.seeds.jpg (2167 bytes) medium Maple? seeds from along I-65 south of Montgomery.  They were bright red when we picked them returning from OS.
12 tn_basket.pacific.jpg (7140 bytes) medium Detail from the lid of a basket Bebe brought back from the south Pacific.  BL2.
11 tn_mussels.jpg (4118 bytes) medium Steamed mussels at JP's.
10 tn_violets.jpg (4326 bytes) medium A pot full of violet petals, in the process of being made into violet syrup for flavoring lemonade. 
9 tn_mermaid.jpg (4096 bytes) medium Detail from Jill Ruhlman's mermaids candle holder, in my dining room.
8 (3506 bytes) medium Rosemarie's kitchen tools. 
7 tn_river.bend.jpg (3599 bytes) medium One more from River Bend Marina.
6 tn_shard.porch.jpg (3070 bytes) medium Indian pot shards on the porch.  OS.
5 tn_harbor0405.jpg (2786 bytes) medium The harbor lot, with the dredge spoil gradually drying out on a cloudy day.  OS.
4 tn_uprooted.jpg (2923 bytes) medium An tree along the harbor creek uprooted by Hurricane Georges.   OS.
3 tn_justice.jpg (2107 bytes) medium From the Civil Rights Memorial at the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery.
2 (3035 bytes) medium A boat cat with attitude, Dinner Key Marina.
1 tn_dolphin.rudder.jpg (3246 bytes) medium

A decorative dolphin on the rudder of a Greek crusing boat.  Ft. Lauderdale.  Detail

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