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May 1999
31 (2676 bytes) medium Left alone to guard the car at the supermarket.
30 tn_greenspider.jpg (1242 bytes) medium It's been an unusually good spring for spiders.
29 (1933 bytes) medium This fellow was trapped in a web in a corner on the deck.  He looked like a late 19th-century glider made of black lace and red velvet.
28 tn_hydrilla.flower.jpg (1697 bytes) medium The pond weed began blooming this week. Hydrilla?  The blossoms are solitary, on a thin stalk that puts them about 1/2 above the water.  They're about the diameter of a pencil.
27 medium These glossy black beetles are about 1-1/4" long and eat their way through the logs in the woodpile. Without better lights, I couldn't get a good photo of the dark surfaces, but I was amazed to see that they're infested with mites. You can see a cluster of large ones in the middle left and masses of smaller ones. Pretty gross, isn't it, Katy?
26 medium This guy is too cool for only one photo.  Click on these, too.


25 medium Another spider.  This little guy is a stalker rather than a web builder.  He's very agile and can jump six inches or more.  Very cocky demeanor; nearly fearless, and a face that reminds me of a cocker spaniel (with a half-dozen eyes).  Very odd large mouth parts, too.  
24 medium I have no idea what this is.  It crawled up the curtains in the office one day and disappeared immediately after I shot this picture.
23 medium Something ate a chunk from the this magnolia leaf.  A moth caterpillar?
22 medium A young magnolia leaf, with shadows from the early morning sun.
21 medium A new wisteria shoot.  The flash was too hot, but the silvery effect is interesting.
20 medium A "granddaddy longlegs" spider who just finished molting.  The old skin is shriveled at the lower left.
19 medium The wired rabbit on JP's doorstep.
18 medium A spittlebug on one of the rhododendrons.  They're soft-bodied bugs that protect themselves with masses of foam.  (They really are bugs - hempitera - soft-bodied insects that suck juices from plants.)
17 tn_poplar.flower.jpg (2443 bytes) medium A flower from the big poplar tree in the back yard.
16 tn_spider0599.jpg (2588 bytes) medium This fellow built a web above the ferns at the end of the pond.   He/she is less than 1/2" long.
15 tn_centipede.jpg (2403 bytes) medium A centipede cruising down the walkway.
14 tn_fern.unwrap.jpg (3048 bytes) medium New fern frond unwrapping.
13 medium It's a hand-held closeup shot at 1/30 sec and about 3/4" from the flower after a bumblebee had just departed.  I know it's out of focus, but the effect is interesting.
12 medium Scooter the dog contemplates human behavior, art, and architecture at Tommy's place in the Georgia mountains.
11 medium These pods appear at the base of the heleboris plants every spring.  I don't think the plant propagates by seeds.  Any ideas?
10 medium Spot, the cat. (not mine)
9 tn_spider.bee.jpg (2013 bytes) medium This spider lurks in the very bottom of a rhododendron flower and attacks insects that visit the flower for nectar.  Note the multiple pairs of eyes in this closeup.
8 tn_spider.pond.jpg (1985 bytes) medium A spider that wandered into the garden pond.  Surface tension makes the water in the pond an entirely different thing for a small critter than for us.
7 tn_wild.berry.jpg (3014 bytes) medium Wild strawberry emerging.  It's about the size of a pencil eraser and has approximately the same flavor.
6 tn_sberry.blossom.jpg (2774 bytes) medium A wild strawberry blossom in the back yard.
5 tn_rhodo.wet.jpg (3641 bytes) medium A rhododendron wet from last night's rain.
4 tn_chlorox.jpg (2669 bytes) medium Chlorox bottles left over from a battle with mildew on the deck.
3 tn_lemonade.jpg (2451 bytes) medium A glass of lemonade made using the violet blossom syrup we made earlier this spring.  Violets were very popular during the 19th century as a candied confection and as a springtime source of vitamin C.  The blossoms and the greens are good in salads.

The jasmine climbing the wall is just beginning to bloom.

2 (21354 bytes) medium My friend Nell from Palo Alto made this tiny Frisbee dog for me.  
1 tn_maple.leaf.tip.jpg (2012 bytes) medium

The tip of a maple leaf blown down yesterday by the wind.

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