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September 1999
30 tn_bracketfungus.jpg (2193 bytes) medium Bracket fungus.
29 tn_bumper.jpg (2302 bytes) medium I have no idea what it's for.
28 tn_yodamud.jpg (3184 bytes) medium Detail of mud dauber nest.  Or, is ET back?
27 tn_mud.dauber.jpg (2903 bytes) medium Mud dauber nest beneath an overhanging rock, Cloudland.
26 tn_puffball.jpg (3881 bytes) medium A puffball, open for business, and distributing spores, Cloudland.
25 tn_wasp.banana.jpg (6520 bytes) medium Large wasp, with an interest in a banana peal, Cloudland, GA.
24 tn_eddie.floor.jpg (2569 bytes) medium Subfloors nearly done at Eddie's new house.
23 tn_ball.flower.jpg (3960 bytes) medium Dried fall roadside flower.
22 tn_redberries.jpg (5087 bytes) medium Fall berries.
21 tn_sardines.jpg (4506 bytes) medium Cloudland lunch, actually quite good with a slice of country Italian bread from the Buckhead Bread Company.
20 tn_garden.spider.jpg (5618 bytes) medium A garden spider who set up housekeeping outside the office.
19 tn_hi.comma.jpg (3382 bytes) medium From the outer beach at Horn Island last month.
18 tn_cloud.jpg (2281 bytes) medium Cloud on her mooring in Tenant's Harbor.
17 tn_tenants.fog.jpg (1212 bytes) medium Foggy Maine harbor.
16 tn_shell.weed.jpg (3396 bytes) medium Mussel shell and dried seaweed
15 tn_pebble.beach.jpg (3622 bytes) medium The cove on the far side of the island from Frenchboro.
14 tn_mooring.float.jpg (3250 bytes) medium A mooring float at Frenchboro.
13 tn_crab.claw.jpg (3843 bytes) medium A crab claw washed ashore on Long Island.
12 tn_building.knees.jpg (5671 bytes) medium Supports for the rear of a building in Castine.  They're made just like the knees in a ship's hull.  Since some of the floor beams appear to be cut from a wooden mast, they may have been salvaged from a ship.
11 tn_floats.jpg (3400 bytes) medium Winter mooring buoys on the wall of Eaton's Boat Yard, Castine.
10 tn_lunch.chart.jpg (3763 bytes) medium Patience's pasta, pesto, potato, and pita lunch snack in the Gulf of Maine.
9 (5397 bytes) medium Rocks on the shore on Long Island.
8 tn_atlsunrise.jpg (2579 bytes) medium Sunrise in the Gulf of Maine.
7 tn_tug.ship.jpg (1048 bytes) medium Tugs meeting the tanker Antiparos at the north end of the Cape Cod Canal.
6 tn_lobsterman.fog.jpg (1185 bytes) medium Lobster boat in the morning fog at Tenant's Harbor.
5 tn_j3.jpg (3518 bytes) medium A J3 Piper Cub in Tenant's Harbor.
4 tn_oldboat.jpg (3773 bytes) medium Old lobster boats never die, they just go up on the hill.
3 tn_bridgesim.jpg (2217 bytes) medium New York Harbor as seen in the bridge simulator at the Maine Maritime Academy.  We had a near miss with the tanker.
2 tn_eatons.jpg (4259 bytes) medium Eaton's Boat Yard, Castine.
1 tn_red.lobster.jpg (3940 bytes) medium

The classic Maine dinner guest.

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