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April 2000
24 tn_blocks.jpg (2540 bytes) medium The sheets went into the washer, while the blocks soaked in the sink.
22 tn_352bottom.jpg (1657 bytes) medium

The finished result of three days of sanding and painting.

21 tn_fanfried.jpg (3168 bytes) medium

Boatyard debris.  There was a cart full of burned engines from houseboats.

20 tn_rootsofpassion.jpg (4614 bytes) medium

The annual emergence of the Hank Williams Roots of Passion Vine occurred some time this morning.  Or, maybe later yesterday afternoon.  The photo doesn't do justice to the occasion.

19 tn_tireplanter.jpg (2709 bytes) medium

The traditional Southern rural recycled tire planter, with optional wheel and stump stand.

18 tn_stingbug.onglass.jpg (1312 bytes) medium

Stinkbug on the exterior of the window.

17 tn_winch.lichen.jpg (2784 bytes) medium

It just needs a little Starbright, and a little rubbing.

16 tn_privateidaho.jpg (2133 bytes) medium

Remember that song, "Living in Your Own Private Idaho?"

15 tn_slinkyboat.jpg (1932 bytes) medium

Negligee for boats.  You should see it shimmy when the breeze blows.

14 tn_romulan.jpg (1946 bytes) medium Someone said that it looked like a Romulan starship.

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