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December 2001
31 tn_heron.sunset.jpg (2351 bytes) medium Heron pondering the last sunset of 2001.
30 tn_angel1.jpg (2234 bytes) medium I tripped the shutter at the very instant the heat-seeking missile entered the exhaust.  (It's in a rest stop on I-10 just across the Florida line from Alabama.)
29 tn_wobblydock.jpg (2897 bytes) medium Wobbly dock.
28 tn_pelican.jpg (3423 bytes) medium Immature pelican wondering whether to trust me.
27 tn_joshua.stern.jpg (2283 bytes) medium Joshua - hauled for the holidays, and a Coast Guard inspection.  The masts and booms are being built now. 
25 (2878 bytes) medium In Ocean Springs, even Santa Claus has a cast net.
24 tn_angelcandles.jpg (2865 bytes) medium Joy to the world.  You set their hair on fire.
  tn_flagbumper.jpg (2537 bytes) medium Homemade patriotism, southbound on Interstate 65 near Evergreen, Alabama.  Either that, or Jasper John's has been vandalizing truck bumpers again.

(Of course it's out of focus, I was shooting one-handed, over my shoulder.  And the cell phone rang.  I nearly dropped my bowl of soup.)

16 tn_pen.cracked.jpg (1983 bytes) medium Cracked pen shell on the stereo receiver.
15 tn_mswilliams.jpg (3132 bytes) medium Reflected shrimp boat.
14 tn_looking.out.jpg (2329 bytes) medium The sun just broke through the drab shroud of grey clouds.
13 tn_one.arc.jpg (3964 bytes) medium Geometry in steel and vapor.  Shrimp boat rig.  One arc.
12 tn_wetpaddle.jpg (3115 bytes) medium Kayak paddle.
6 tn_pelicanblur.jpg (1677 bytes) medium Pelican on a daymark, abstracted by slow shutter speed, kayak wobble, and high ISO setting.
5 tn_fibonacci.tree.jpg (2526 bytes) medium Tree and ridge line.
4 tn_cocker.profile.jpg (2310 bytes) medium A spaniel of monumental proportions.
3 tn_hammers.jpg (2225 bytes) medium And, if you had two?
2 tn_turkey.fence.jpg (4339 bytes) medium On the fence, but tending toward the left.
1 tn_quonset.ridges.jpg (2966 bytes) medium It's the roof of a pottery studio fueled by methane gas captured from the landfill just down the hill.  But, you probably guessed that already.


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