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November 1999
30 tn_ginger.moth.jpg (3926 bytes) medium Tattered moth on a ginger lilly.
29 tn_stoneface.jpg (4648 bytes) medium Garden sculpture.
28 tn_galbaby.jpg (6643 bytes) medium She's cooling off after a walk in the woods.   Dogs are natural expert practioners of heat transfer principles.
27 tn_oakspecks.jpg (3595 bytes) medium These little critters were about the diameter of a pin head.  It was early morning and there wasn't enough light for a good hand-held shot, but the color and the shapes are wonderful.
26 tn_fuselage1.jpg (2790 bytes) medium Interior view of the fuselage of Steve's airplane project.
25 tn_c.airplane.jpg (2946 bytes) medium Carbon fiber put to new uses.  Steve refers to this as a job.  And then smiles.
24 tn_spider.dew.jpg (4903 bytes) medium The dew had even formed on the spiders.
23 tn_road.spider.jpg (6288 bytes) medium Morning dew on a large golden orb spider web.
22 tn_typewriter.jpg (4446 bytes) medium One of June's typewriters.
21 tn_fence.lizzard.jpg (3463 bytes) medium Eastern fence lizard showing off on the wood pile.
20 tn_dogtags.jpg (3001 bytes) medium The history of a dog and a bureaucracy.
19 tn_gardenhat.jpg (4065 bytes) medium Gardener's hat and hose.
18 tn_persimmons.jpg (4573 bytes) medium You put the balloons out first and the crows learn not to peck them.  The persimmons are untouched.  I didn't notice the tree frog until I posted the photo.
17 tn_skull.lines.jpg (4330 bytes) medium Knit lines on the deer skull.  (forgot the name)
16 tn_winged.sumac.jpg (3273 bytes) medium Winged sumac.
15 tn_chick.little.jpg (6678 bytes) medium Investigation of the Chicken Little hypothesis continues.  Mug shot.
14 tn_redhead.jpg (3051 bytes) medium Redfish detail.
13 tn_redfish.jpg (3416 bytes) medium Scooter's redfish from yesterday evening.   The fish was released, so he owes Scooter three wishes.
12 tn_beach.lines.jpg (2923 bytes) medium Lines of waves and lines of sea grass arranged in waves by the waves.
11 tn_dunefluff.jpg (2848 bytes) medium Detail of the seeds from the puff bushes.
10 tn_dunebush.jpg (2954 bytes) medium I don't know the name of this shrub, but the important things are the shape and the texture of the puffy masses of seed fluff.
9 tn_puffbush.jpg (3781 bytes) medium Line of shrubs on the dunes, following the countour line of elevation and moisture level.
8 tn_rustylid.jpg (3201 bytes) medium Lid of a metal can being separated back into basic elements and scattered.
7 tn_littlegiant.jpg (5162 bytes) medium Logo on Terry's crane in the harbor.  The pilings start going in next week.
6 tn_lonewasp.jpg (3579 bytes) medium A lone wasp in a corner of the porch ceiling.
5 tn_kudzu.wilt.jpg (4322 bytes) medium November 5 - the day the creeping green menace of kudzu was first turned back by frost this season.  The upper leaves radiated heat to the clear night sky and froze.  The temperature of the lower leaves stayed above the freezing point.
4 tn_kudzu.detail.jpg (3426 bytes) medium Detail of backlit kudzu leaf.
3 tn_kudzu.lobes.jpg (3671 bytes) medium Kudzu in profile, for uprooted Southerners across the country.
2 tn_horn.marsh.jpg (1990 bytes) medium The margin of the big lagoon on Horn Island.   The spartina is a wonderful autumn gold color.
1 tn_column.jpg (3557 bytes) medium

Beach-found decorations on the porch column.

All images copyright 1999 by D. W. Abrams.  Unauthorized duplication or use is prohibited.