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August 1998
31 tn_pokeberry.jpg (3359 bytes) medium

Pokeweed berries.  Used for dye in the past. Birds have eaten most of the fruit.  They use it as a dye, too.  The young greens, picked before showing any pink on the stems, are cooked as   "poke salad."
Front yard.

30 tn_bolete.rising.vert.jpg (6190 bytes) medium

A bolete? mushroom growing out of the dry pinestraw in the daylily bed.
Back yard.

29 tn_magnolia.bud.jpg (3714 bytes) medium

Young magnolia grandiflora seed cone. 
Front yard.  Another view.

28 tn_praying.mantis.jpg (4664 bytes) medium

Praying mantis hunting on cedar deck rail.  He fearlessly lunged at the camera when I got too close.
Back yard

27 tn_barrel.s.jpg (3181 bytes) medium
Ivy creeping up half-barrel used as an outdoor fish bowl.   Raccoons ate the goldfish: plants and snails prosper. 
Back yard
26 tn_duck.vane.2.jpg (2761 bytes) medium
Pintail duck weathervane with morning sun rays and spiderweb decoration.
Back yard
25 tn_rattlesnakeweed.jpg (3138 bytes) medium
Rattlesnake weed in bloom.  A transplant from the mountains in 1996.
Back yard

tn_rhodoleaves.s.jpg (4180 bytes)


Rhododendron leaves by the back steps.
Back yard

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