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December 1999
31   medium  
30 tn_bboard.jpg (4547 bytes) medium Bulletin board detail.
29 tn_harborground.jpg (4241 bytes) medium The ground level view from the back portion of the harbor lot.
28 tn_catboat.jpg (3167 bytes) medium Catboat ghosting into the harbor at dusk. Ocean Springs.
27 tn_harborview.jpg (3878 bytes) medium The approximate view from where the front porch of the house would be.  I was standing on top of the cab of the track hoe.
26 tn_oswindow.jpg (3986 bytes) medium The view out the window of the little house in Ocean Springs.  

Several of the images below are old; CI Host, my Internet hosting service, has been off line.


tn_wreath.jpg (5194 bytes) medium Merry Christmas.
24 tn_boatwheel.jpg (6530 bytes) medium Wheel of a tired bait boat, Ocean Springs.
23 tn_log.grain.jpg (3004 bytes) medium Weathered log on Horn Island.
22 tn_redhouse.jpg (2841 bytes) medium House on the south bay at Ile au Haut, Maine.
21 tn_deer.skull.jpg (5799 bytes) medium Deer skull sculpture.
20 tn_weed.waves.jpg (3465 bytes) medium Sea grass dislodged by a storm and cast up on the inside beach at Horn Island.
19 (6428 bytes) medium Southern gothic roadside weeds.
18 tn_cabbage.moon1.jpg (2186 bytes) medium Full moon over south Georgia cabbage patch.
17 tn_gsdock.jpg (4663 bytes) medium Lagoon dock at Gulf Shores.
16 tn_sulphur.salvia.jpg (3110 bytes) medium Migrating sulphur butterly on a salvia blossom.
15 tn_trucksign.jpg (2675 bytes) medium It says "18 Wheelers Keep Out."
14 tn_frostdroop.jpg (6743 bytes) medium Drooped, yellowed, and doomed by frost.
13 tn_nandina.jpg (5339 bytes) medium Nandina leaves graciously providing a simple illustration of fractal theory.
12 tn_clem.stem.jpg (5564 bytes) medium The stub of the stem on a clementine.
11 tn_apblue.jpg (3195 bytes) medium Annie's beach glass in the sun by the garden pond.
10 tn_cranebeach.jpg (1750 bytes) medium Last winter at Crane's Beach, near Ipswich, MA.  Large image is 1152 X 864 for screen background use.  Other sizes available, too.
9 tn_darlings.jpg (3657 bytes) medium They're beyond cute.
8 tn_clementines.jpg (3153 bytes) medium A box of Spanish clementines from the Dekalb Farmers Market.
7 tn_hotsauce.jpg (6264 bytes) medium Dangerous trio lurking in the cabinet.
6 tn_kitchen.bass..jpg (2205 bytes) medium The elusive kitchen bass. (oven mitt)
5 tn_ladybuglarvae.jpg (2560 bytes) medium Ladybug larva dining on an aphid.
4 tn_ladybug.grooming..jpg (3058 bytes) medium An adult ladybug grooming itself.  There were larvae, pupae, and adults on a clump of ivy, probably drawn by the numerous aphids. The aphids were experiencing heavy casualties.
3 tn_redflowers.jpg (4056 bytes) medium I don't recall the name of these.  The closer you got, the better they looked.
2 tn_grape.leaf.jpg (4037 bytes) medium Wild grape leaves.
1 tn_scuppernongs.jpg (4055 bytes) medium Scuppernong grapes.

All images copyright 1999 by D. W. Abrams.  Unauthorized duplication or use is prohibited.