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December  2000
31 tn_stinkbug.jpg (3051 bytes) medium A classic stinkbug.  Fortunately, he was "chilled out" by the cold and disinclined to employ his defense mechanisms when I put the camera so close.
30 tn_skip.jpg (2793 bytes) medium The Gaines' new puppy, comfortably defying his description as "not a lap dog." 
29 tn_oysters.jpg (2561 bytes) medium Oysters just off the beach with the Indian shell midden.
28 tn_coon.dream.jpg (2340 bytes) medium When raccoon's dream.
27 tn_lowtide.jpg (1983 bytes) medium A very low tide with a north wind, Deer Island.
26 tn_toybox.jpg (3882 bytes) medium 50s treasures from the attic.  Pirates, infantrymen, knights, Indians, African animals, aircraft, space men, deep sea divers, and more
21 tn_fake.orchid.jpg (2262 bytes) medium It's not real.
19 tn_snow.rake.jpg (4815 bytes) medium I'm spared from another day of leaf raking.
18 tn_snowbirdhouse.jpg (4668 bytes) medium Birdhouse revisited.  There was a more temperate view on October 29, 1999.
17 tn_snowshadow.jpg (7019 bytes) medium I suspect that there's a Japanese word to describe the snow shadow beneath a bush.
14 tn_poofhound.jpg (3391 bytes) medium His head is on the right.
1 tn_decemberleaf.jpg (2346 bytes) medium Detail of a leaf that fell on the front porch.

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