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January  2001
31 tn_juicynavels.jpg (3342 bytes) medium Well, I think it's about oranges.  And possibly some new age solution to Microsoft's software problems involving tires.
30 tn_yinyangrain.jpg (1894 bytes) medium Yin, yang, and rain.
29 tn_annispots.jpg (2744 bytes) medium Anni's pots.  It's a designing woman thing.
28 tn_tampa.sunset.jpg (1660 bytes) medium Tampa sunset.
27 tn_aorchid.jpg (2103 bytes) medium Orchid interior.
26 tn_no.swimming.jpg (5456 bytes) medium I suspect that tree climbing is off limits, too.
25  tn_long.and.winding.jpg (6424 bytes) medium  It's the gnarliest branch I've ever seen. The whole tree structure seems to have a propensity for making seemingly unjustified right angle turns.
4 tn_coyote.road.jpg (2364 bytes) medium Here's one crossing the road.  They're on a private club's 600 fenced acres near Athens, Georgia.  It's the 21st century version of coon hunting.  You sit by the fire and listen to the dogs run the coyotes.  Dens and tunnels are provided so the coyotes can take a break when they get bored with tormenting the dogs.  The coyotes are compensated by being fed three times per week.
3 tn_coyote.jpg (2476 bytes) medium There's a coyote in the brush beneath these young pines.

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