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March 2002
16 tn_wooly.stretch.jpg (3558 bytes) medium A black woolybear caterpillar suspended from a pine needle.
14 tn_reunion.jpg (3823 bytes) medium Everything That Rises Must Converge.   This tree branch seems to have followed Flannery O'Connor's dictum.
13 tn_riverroots.jpg (2712 bytes) medium Sycamore roots and branch reflections in the creek that runs into the Chatahoochee at Roswell, near the site of the mill.
12 tn_light.n.color.jpg (2167 bytes) medium Light and line and color in subtle, small portions. 
(with dog)
9 tn_winter.spring.jpg (2588 bytes) medium Grey rainy day remnants of winter and the green glow of spring.
9 tn_trillium.jpg (3700 bytes) medium Signs of sping.  They'll be blooming in time for the equinox.
3 tn_earshell.jpg (2364 bytes) medium If I'm rembering correctly, it's called an ear shell. From Atlantic Beach, Fl.   Slighty larger than a thumbnail.  You can see where the spiral grew in segmented bursts.  I doubt that they live long enough for the growth segments to correspond to seasons.  What, then?


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