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September 2000
30 tn_spray.jpg (3772 bytes) medium On the way to the Chandeleurs. 
29 tn_deerislandsunset.jpg (1329 bytes) medium Deer Island sunset.
28 tn_harbor.bridge.jpg (2948 bytes) medium A view of the Ocean Springs outer harbor.  Shot from the bridge, hand held at one second, with the camera resting on a bridge rail pillar.  
27   medium  
26 tn_50shell.jpg (3243 bytes) medium Ever wonder about the origin of  the expression "Yankee dimes?"
25 tn_bronzefrog.jpg (12770 bytes) medium This fellow appeared in Anne and David's back yard in Ocean Springs, just three weeks after their new ornamental pond was filled.  David, a biologist, identified it as a bronze frog.  The reflections from the strobe mask the color somewhat; it actually looks very much like bronze statuary.
24 tn_mm.mural.jpg (7092 bytes) medium Chris Stebley's mural at the Marine Mart on the Ocean Springs harbor.  It's a view of Ocean Springs from the sky over Deer Island.  The details are great; have a look on the large image.
23 tn_far.jpg (4721 bytes) medium Focused on the reflection on the surface of the garden pond.
22 tn_near.jpg (4547 bytes) medium What you see has a lot to do with how you look.   Focused on the suface of the garden pond.
21 tn_chickens.jpg (4599 bytes) medium My flock of R.A. Miller folk art chickens. R. A. is eighty-something years old and lives in Rabbittown, Georgia.
20 tn_fly.jpg (2763 bytes) medium I was trying to shoot a photo of something else and this fellow kept putting himself in the way. The shadows of his wings look like an early 50s cartoon version of a jet fighter.
19 tn_monitorvents.jpg (4941 bytes) medium The afternoon sun on the cooling vents at the back fo the computer monitor.  If nothing else, it's a good example of shallow depth of field.
18 tn_ford.jpg (3536 bytes) medium The essence of the big blue beast that followed me home today.   It's a Ford van, for towing the F-27 and hauling azaleas.
17 tn_pokepoop.jpg (6569 bytes) medium Think less about what it is and more about the colors.   Purples from yesterday's poke berries on the grey deck railing, placed by a robin.   The texture in the railing is courtesy of yellowjackets and wasps.  They chew away the softer fibers for their nests, leaving the hard ridges.
16 tn_feather.duckweed.jpg (4661 bytes) medium One of the noisy resident wrens dropped a feather onto the duckweed in the garden pond.  It's tiny; smaller than the nail on your little finger.  A whisper of mass, supported by the duckweed, supported, in turn, by the surface tension on the water.
15 tn_vase.trees.jpg (5125 bytes) medium Low angle view through a flower vase left on the picnic table.   The bright rim reminds me of a certain kind of jellyfish seen in bright sun over very deep water.
13   medium


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1 tn_jambalaya.detail.jpg (3440 bytes) medium Detail from last week's jambalaya/paella.  The shrimp were sweet and full of sea-flavor.

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