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August 2002
31 tn_pupating.fritillary.jpg (26657 bytes) medium This fritillary caterpillar had just attached itself to a peony stem and had begun the transformation into a chrysalis.  There's nothing in science fiction as odd and seemingly unbelievable as this process.
27 tn_bumblepassion.jpg (4273 bytes) medium This year's bee on passionflower photo.   I've never seen a honeybee on these blossoms, only bumble bees.  It's a shame what the bee mites and pesticides have done to the honeybees.  
26 tn_grilled.figs.jpg (4367 bytes) medium Grilled mission figs with a bit of nice French bleu cheese and some fresh-ground black pepper.  Dredge them in olive oil before you grille them.
25 tn_16ounce.jpg (3542 bytes) medium We can only hope that "they" never learn to make a 15.5-ounce bomb or get up the nerve to hand a heavier package to a postal clerk.

"All domestic mail .... weighing 16 ounces or over, MUST be presented to a retail clerk at a post office."

24 tn_screech.release.jpg (2115 bytes) medium A young injured screech owl was found in the park down the road.  A local vet nursed it back to health and released in the same woods.  There were two other people there for the occasion (besides me) who had breeding pairs of owls on their property.
23 tn_stringquartet.jpg (3980 bytes) medium A telltale sign that there's a string quartet in your gazebo.
22 tn_whiteshoes.jpg (2659 bytes) medium Alan's wedding shoes.  Eat your heart out, Truman Capote.
21 tn_gardencritter.jpg (5096 bytes) medium Gloria's garden creature.


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