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20 tn_essex.800.jpg (19766 bytes) medium Looking out over the marsh in Essex, Massachusetts. The view changed dramatically as the tide rose and the sun set.
19 tn_tadpole.glimmers.jpg (26233 bytes) medium Spring peeper tadpoles and surface glimmers.   The pond water was dark with tannin and seemed to glow from within when the sun shone on it.
18 tn_gumdrop.shadow.jpg (23212 bytes) medium This little juniper was so alive with new growth you could almost imagine that it was sucking the sunlight right out of the air.
17 tn_poison.lawn.jpg (28712 bytes) medium Can't walk barefoot on it, can't let the dog lie around on it, can't let kids play on it, don't want to think about where the runoff is going when there's rain, ......  But, my doesn't it look gooooood?

We love it when we pay for it, but if someone came in the night and sprayed poison on our lawn, we'd have the EPA and a pack of lawyers after them.  Odd, isn't it?


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