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June 1999
30 tn_lime.jpg (2055 bytes) medium Cross section of a lime.
29 tn_dole.jpg (2299 bytes) medium I saw similar labels on fruit in a small town in El Salvador.  Avoid the jokes about Bob's new advertising career, please.
28 tn_pinecone.jpg (2514 bytes) medium The north end of a southbound pinecone.
27 tn_pond.lettuce.jpg (2181 bytes) medium Pond lettuce in the garden pond, after a rain.
26 tn_ant.larvae.jpg (2681 bytes) medium This ant nest was beneath one of the slates in the back yard fern garden.  The ants were moving too fast to stop with the shutter in the low light.
25 tn_crystal.jpg (4459 bytes) medium My favorite brand.
24 tn_live.oak.fern.jpg (2659 bytes) medium Resurection ferns and red lichens on a live oak branch.
23 tn_brick.columns.jpg (3658 bytes) medium Brick columns at the Old Sheldon Church.
22 tn_monty.jpg (2723 bytes) medium My new next door neighbor.
21 tn_buzzards.jpg (2330 bytes) medium An ominous sight.  They're black buzzards.
20 tn_sheldon.jpg (1891 bytes) medium Ruins of the Sheldon Church in South Caroline.   Built about 1740 and burned by the British during the revolution.
19 tn_mares.jpg (1638 bytes) medium Mares and foals in a South Carolina pasture.
18 (1937 bytes) medium Church on the highway just east of the Savannah River Plant.
17 tn_sc.road.jpg (1988 bytes) medium Rural road through the South Carolina Low Country.
16 tn_5star.jpg (1932 bytes) medium I'd have said four, even without tasting the food.
15 tn_poison.jpg (2333 bytes) medium Poison ivy.  Late at night when you're sleeping ...
14 tn_strange.fly2.jpg (1742 bytes) medium He seemed opposed to posing on the sheet of white paper I provided, so I finally photographed him hanging onto my thumb.
13 (1702 bytes) medium An odd fly with two pairs of delicate, paned wings. He was attracted by the porch lights.
12 tn_csmural.jpg (2026 bytes) medium My friend Eric, three guy wires, and a portion of Chris Stebley's unfinished mural in Ocean Springs.
11 tn_mushroom.jpg (1893 bytes) medium It was growing at the edge of the lawn around a gas station on Interstate 65 near Greenville, AL.
10 medium This fellow appeared on the floor of a picnic shelter at the Gulf Islands National Seashore. OS.
9 medium Pokey found his final resting place in the Biloxi cemetary, not far from the grave of Nimrod P. Henley.
8 medium Rose blossom.
7 medium A beetle drawn by the light to the front porch. OS
6 medium A new 7' resident of the basin in the harbor.  OS.
5 medium An unknown gecko that Kate spotted beneath the boat trailer.  OS.
4 medium A pair of walkingstick insects.  Ocean Springs.
3 medium The ferns alongside the garden pond after a rain.
2 medium A wet grape leaf on the deck in the morning light.
1 medium

A beetle found wandering on the deck.  I believe it's one of those that bores into pine trees and does so much damage.

All images copyright 1999 by D. W. Abrams.  Unauthorized duplication or use is prohibited.