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March 2000
28 tn_mytable.jpg (2652 bytes) medium My customary spot for coffee and a croissant at the bakery in Ocean Springs.
27 tn_nocorkscrew.jpg (2047 bytes) medium Trapped in a small town with no cork screw.
26 tn_gator.jpg (1172 bytes) medium He moved in not long after the barge left.
25 tn_dock.jpg (2315 bytes) medium The new dock and boat slips in Ocean Springs, viewed from a tree that's near where the SE corner of the house might be.
24 tn_seagrove.cypress.jpg (3144 bytes) medium Cypress trees near Seagrove Beach, FL.
23 tn_whiteblossoms.jpg (1698 bytes) medium I don't know their name, but the sight of them dangling below the fresh yellow-green spring leaves is far more important than the label.
22 tn_towhee.jpg (2322 bytes) medium A male rufous-sided towhee, dedicated to harassing his reflection in the window.
21 tn_passionmoths.jpg (3120 bytes) medium Passion, as only moths can know it.
20 tn_352bows.jpg (1614 bytes) medium Two of the three hulls of the F-27 on a cold, grey day on Lake Lanier. 
19 tn_pineflame.jpg (3677 bytes) medium You can see the fire in the wood, even now.
18 tn_stonemast.jpg (2250 bytes) medium A new mast being formed for the sailing vessel Governor Stone of Apalachicola.
17 tn_sweetgums.jpg (3553 bytes) medium Shadow of sweetgum on sweetgum.
16 tn_wildazalea.jpg (1941 bytes) medium No tripod and little light, but the color is the thing, not the depth of field.
15 tn_walnut.berries.jpg (2922 bytes) medium Hey, it worked for the persimmons, why not hickory nuts masquerading as strawberries to confound the birds?  See November 18, 1999.
14 tn_favoritepond.jpg (1941 bytes) medium Afternoon spring pond.
13 tn_oldleaf.jpg (2513 bytes) medium The last days of last year's leaves.
12 tn_catbriar.twist.jpg (2630 bytes) medium Catbriars on the move.
11 tn_galls.jpg (4159 bytes) medium They're galls of some sort, about 3" long. 
10 tn_poppy.jpg (1670 bytes) medium Poppy blossom. (from last fall)
9 tn_whiterabbit.jpg (1818 bytes) medium You've probably heard the song about him.
8 tn_candleflame.jpg (1708 bytes) medium Dinner.
7 tn_bbsnake.jpg (2176 bytes) medium It's a species of garter snake, called a big brown snake.  The name makes little sense, though.  This one was typical in size, about the diameter of a pencil and twice as long.  Good camouflage, though.
2 tn_doorlatch.jpg (2729 bytes) medium Doorlatch.
1 tn_bunnywarriors.jpg (2433 bytes) medium

North Florida's answer to those ancient Chinese terracotta warriors.

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