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October 2000
31 tn_witch.crash.jpg (5274 bytes) medium The FAA has ordered a recall of more than 15,000 brooms from three manufacturers.
30 tn_shearwatershrimp.jpg (5509 bytes) medium Biloxi Bay shrimp in a Shearwater Pottery bowl.  I bought them from the skipper of Mark & Dawn at about ten on Sunday morning.  They were skittering along the bottom of the bay earlier in the day, before the sun rose.
29 tn_anole.jpg (5485 bytes) medium Another view of the green anole, after he'd had about 90 seconds to change colors to match his new background.
28 tn_bargebow.jpg (2267 bytes) medium The bow of Terry's barge, complete with a waterline frosting of barnacles.
27 tn_cham.hidden2.jpg (3297 bytes) medium I was cutting the dead flower remnants when I found this fellow lurking in one, waiting to ambush an insect.  Load the large image and have a look at the color around the eye.  Here's another view.
26 tn_acorntip.jpg (3228 bytes) medium The water oak alongside the house is dropping acorns at the rate of one per minute or so.  They hit the metal roof with a sharp "thwack" and either bounce silenty into the grass or roll down the roof with a prolonged rattle that insists that your imagination follow it's track..
25 tn_brickblush.jpg (1841 bytes) medium There's one blush of color on this old brick that I found on the west tip of Horn Island.  It has odd serrated edges, too.  It's not the same style as the bricks in the chimney on Horn.  From the fort on Ship Island?   Somewhere else?
24 tn_wetweb.jpg (4191 bytes) medium There are several of these spider webs in the grass along the dock.   Each forms a free-form funnel that routes victims into the finger-sized hole where the spider lurks.  In the early morning, the webs are like smal sparkling fog remnants with thousands of tiny droplets of condensed dew.
23 tn_acornflower.jpg (2904 bytes) medium Looks like a daisy, doesn't it?
22 tn_gingerdetail.jpg (1811 bytes) medium A ginger blossom.  The pale yellow area in the center is like a mist of faint color on the white petals.  The aroma is nearly hypnotic.
21 tn_shanghaied.jpg (2542 bytes) medium I Shanghaied 'em at the Baskin & Robbins. 
20 tn_boomclouds.jpg (3258 bytes) medium This was a quick snapshot of the clouds, with the sailboat's boom and topping lift in the foreground.  It looked a lot like those shots from the space shuttle, looking down on earth.  So, I inverted it.
19 tn_elephantflower.jpg (3039 bytes) medium Base of an elephant ear blossom.  The entire flower is about five inches high.
18 tn_elephantear.jpg (3163 bytes) medium Elephant ear leaf.
17 tn_shirleyrose.jpg (1248 bytes) medium The politically incorrect shrimper Shirley Rose.
16 medium The blues, Biloxi Bay style.
15 tn_sphinx.moth.jpg (2447 bytes) medium I found this fellow on the foredeck at the dock, recently emerged from the cocoon. He stayed with us in the cockpit until about 30 minutes after sunset. I hope he wasn't too surprised to find himself beginning his adult life a half mile offshore.
14 tn_eyecorn.jpg (7962 bytes) medium It's in East Atlanta.  It could mean anything.  Probably something to do with urban crop circles.
13 tn_cdstack.jpg (2829 bytes) medium

The edges of a stack of AOL CDs.  They just keep arriving in the mail.  I'm saving them to shingle the roof of the boathouse.

12 tn_deviljug.jpg (5160 bytes) medium Another product of a north Georgia potter.  I wonder if the water has been tested in that area recently.
11 tn_claylady.jpg (6326 bytes) medium Detail from a clay sculpture on Rosemarie's dining room mantle.  (I may have posted a photo of the entire piece last year.  Don't recall.)  Her skirt fans out and transforms into a farm field - mother nature in the sitting room of the rest home.  The entire figure is about five inches high. 
10   medium  
9   medium  
8   medium  
7   medium  
6 tn_morningheron.jpg (2125 bytes) medium The resident great blue heron keeping watch over the early morning harbor.
5 tn_gingerladder.jpg (3615 bytes) medium Two ginger lilly stalks.
4 tn_gingerbud.jpg (4724 bytes) medium Top view of ginger lilly with morning dew and rain collected in the folds of the bud.  There were four fragrant blossoms, white as the full moon.
3 tn_sunsetstripe.jpg (1618 bytes) medium Sunset over the west end of Horn Island.  The tiny black dot below the sun is one of a pod of immature dolphins that played in the area most of the afternoon.
2 tn_friedfish.jpg (3973 bytes) medium The first serious cooked meal aboard Corrina.  Mullet (and roe) and a pinfish pan fried in olive oil.  They were swimming off Petit Bois Island an hour earlier.  Even Scooter was unable to come up with a redfish or a speckled trout.
1 tn.hi.anchorage.jpg (3389 bytes) medium Horn Island anchorage just east of the chimney.  A peregrine falcom perched briefly in a dead pine on the beach earlier in the afternoon.

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