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February 1999
28 tn_biloxi.detail.jpg (2628 bytes) medium
Detail from a 1920s photo of a bathing beauty contest in Biloxi.
27 tn_tpholder.jpg (2522 bytes) medium
Ever wonder what to do with those AOL cds?
26 tn_old.rr.jpg (3580 bytes) medium
Tie-down on the abandoned rail spur at the mill in Newnan.
25 tn_earring.jpg (1893 bytes) medium
JP's earring.
24 tn_tower.butt.jpg (3669 bytes) medium
Bottom view of the water tower in Newnan.
23 tn_snow.flag.jpg (2948 bytes) medium
The mailbox with this morning's dusting of snow.
22 tn_cowjump.jpg (2149 bytes) medium
The cow, the moon, and the stars are on the lid of Rosemarie's folk art kitchen trash can.
21 tn_omelet.jpg (3941 bytes) medium
Smoked salmon and goat cheese omelet, grits with portabelos.
20 tn_newnan.tower.jpg (5215 bytes) medium
Water tower in Newnan, GA.
19 tn_helio1.jpg (2264 bytes) medium
An early bloomer in the back yard.
18 tn_sparkleflag2.jpg (2616 bytes) medium
From the cemetary in Marietta, Georgia.
17 tn_mallards.jpg (2815 bytes) medium
A pair of semi-wild mallards in the creek adjacent to the office in Atlanta.
16 tn_lingerie.depot.jpg (2597 bytes) medium
One of the less successful stores at the outlet mall in Opelika, AL.  They're in the midst of a going-out-of-business sale.
15 tn_titanic.jpg (2225 bytes) medium
Don't they know that the emergency care for the Titanic was not quite what you would call "high quality"?  OS.
14 tn_hearts.jpg (2436 bytes) medium
The cutouts are in the end panels of a wooden bench found in the marsh.  Probably a hurricane casualty.  Now a fixture of the front porch in OS.
13 tn_spider.wort.blossom.jpg (4111 bytes) medium
A spider wort blossom in the back yard. OS.
Other views:  front - large / very large; side large / very large
12 tn_cranes.jpg (2031 bytes) medium
The grey streaks are Mississippi sandhill cranes, two of only about 100 in existence.  They're strolling across the savannah in the refuge near Gautier.
11 tn_flag.miller.jpg (2953 bytes) medium
The R. A. Miller car tag on the Volvo.  R.A's an artist and whirlygig maker from Rabbittown, GA.  OS.
10 tn_camelia.petals.jpg (2833 bytes) medium
Petals of fallen camelia blossoms. OS.
9 medium
The mushroom in the foreground is just emerging from the ground.  The one in the middle and the one in the rear are progressively older.   OS.
8 tn_stinker.jpg (6352 bytes) medium
This smelly mushroom appeared in Rosemarie's herb garden.  The odor is awful; you can smell it 50 feet away on a dry day.  Note the flies.  As I recall, the spores are in that nasty brown liquid at the top and the flies help disperse it.  OS.
7 tn_jay.feather.detail.jpg (2879 bytes) medium
A detail from a bluejay feather.  The previous owner was apparently a cat victim.  Depending on your video setup, you may see some interference patterns (wavy lines formed by the scan lines on your monitor and the lines in the feather)..  OS.
6 tn_boots.jpg (3373 bytes) medium
The end of a grueling aerobic landscaping workout.   The gloves have had it.  OS.
5 tn_azalea.early.jpg (4561 bytes) medium
An early azalea blossom in the front yard.  OS.
4 tn_azalea.bud.jpg (4588 bytes) medium
A pair of early azalea buds, looking bit like Flipper in pink..  OS.
3 tn_marinemart.jpg (2696 bytes) medium

The Marine Mart from the water.  The canopy is a recent addition..  OS.

2 (2417 bytes) medium

A crane fly.  They resemble huge mosquitos, but they don't bite.  Notice the two rods with balls on the end that come off the thorax.  Here's a detailed portion of the large image..  OS.

1 tn_pineline.jpg (2430 bytes) medium

A fine line of pines, Deer Island..  OS.

All images copyright 1999 by D. W. Abrams.  Unauthorized duplication or use is prohibited.