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November  2000
28 tn_lostjacket.jpg (2791 bytes) medium There's something so sad and frustrating about this lost jacket in the schoolyard next door.  It's been there a week.  Some kid has probably been through lots of grief.  It would be such a simple thing to connect the kid and the jacket.  But, it was there again this morning, sparkled with dew.
27 tn_lettiemarie.jpg (2701 bytes) medium She needs a few new planks.
25 tn_oakface.jpg (4111 bytes) medium Exposed wood on a not-too-healthy young live oak on the bank in the Inner Harbor Park.
22 tn_abusedboat.jpg (1646 bytes) medium An abused sailboat.  It's been hanging on that mooring untended for months.  The mast is down and it's full of water, on the bottom.
21 tn_heronpose.jpg (3365 bytes) medium A great blue heron doing the wintertime, later afternoon goofy pose. 
20 tn_dovewing.jpg (1600 bytes) medium Detail of the wing of a dove that chose my front porch as the place to expire.
19 tn_pelicanpilings.jpg (3575 bytes) medium And, one more.  There was a group waiting impatiently for scraps from the men cleaning fish.
18 tn_pelicanprofile.jpg (4041 bytes) medium Pelican in profile, perched on a piling.  With pines.
17 tn_pelicanbeak.jpg (4717 bytes) medium I'd include a copy of that pelican poem, but I'm sure everyone knows it already.
16 tn_sheepshead.teeth.jpg (2230 bytes) medium Cosmetically, it's a mouth that could send a dentist into cardiac arrest.  Functionally, those teeth allow the sheepshead to chew  barnacles.   (I know. The focus and depth of field are horrible.  Handheld shot, confused autofocus mechanism, .... the usual excuses.)
15 tn_ma.fishermen.jpg (2738 bytes) medium A detail from the mosaic mural at the Ocean Springs Civic Center.   The design is Mac Anderson's.
14 tn_seedpod.jpg (2044 bytes) medium My neighbor, Anne, gave me a seed pod from an evergreen wisteria vine a few weeks ago.  It was green, so I left it on my desk to dry.  This afternoon, there was a loud metallic snap and something skittered across the floor.   One of the seeds landed nearly six feet away.  Quite a dispersal technique.
13 tn_5of58k.jpg (3284 bytes) medium Five from Mississippi.  Did we have adequate reason to demand from them what we did?  Are we wiser today?
12 tn_ms58k.jpg (4116 bytes) medium A portion of the west side of the Mississippi Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  58,000+ Americans lost their lives in Vietnam, doing what our country required of them.  If we citizens and our government had done our jobs as well as these young men, most of those 58,000 would be with us today.
11 tn_sail.sunset.jpg (2839 bytes) medium The sun set at 4:59 and the full moon rose 16 minutes later.   It was a dramatic night to be on the bay.
10 tn_shrimp.sunset.jpg (3298 bytes) medium Seagulls clamoring for a sunset snack.
9 (2748 bytes) medium A spectral pattern cast on the front wall of the house by the reflector on my bike.
6 tn_sophie.jpg (2788 bytes) medium Sophie.  Her voice is every bit as loud as her colors.  If you could put about 100,000 volts across the flesh of a ripe mango, you might create a hint of the color of her undersides.
5 tn_surflaunch.jpg (1704 bytes) medium Near Seagrove beach.  I've never seen this done before and I wouldn't have believed that it was possible for a common pickup truck to pull that rig up the beach.  They made it look easy.
4 tn_fredfish.jpg (2634 bytes) medium Fred shows off his colors. 
3 tn_howard.jpg (2149 bytes) medium Howard, at ease on the porch.
2 tn_chickenswow.jpg (2863 bytes) medium They just heard about Colonel Sanders for the first time.
1 tn_onerocker.jpg (4800 bytes) medium

The porch looks out over virgin longleaf pines, alive with the reality and the promise of red-cockaded woodpeckers.   

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