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August 2000
30 tn_redkatydid.jpg (3368 bytes) medium It's a red katydid.  They occur naturally, but they're very rare.  The color is passed on to their offspring, but it's thought that few of them survive because of their visibility.  The green ones blend in to the leafy branches quite well, but not the red ones.
29 tn_frog.jewel.jpg (2289 bytes) medium It would be easy to make up a fable about the frog (converted prince) and the jewel on the window sill.
28 tn_frog.sugar.jpg (4396 bytes) medium He/she hopped through an open window in the night to investigate June's new sugar bowl and creamer.
27 tn_op.wooden.boat.jpg (2379 bytes) medium The pleasures of borrowing other people's wooden boats.
26 tn_lloyd.po.jpg (2592 bytes) medium The post office at LLoyd, Florida.  1832?
25 tn_jambalaya.jpg (4232 bytes) medium A made-up recipe for jambalaya, otherwise know as a paella with a roux.
18 tn_peach.soup.jpg (8550 bytes) medium Chilled peach soup. I finally found a decent batch of peaches.

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