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October 2001
31 tn_captainerie.jpg (5108 bytes) medium Office of the Port Captain in St. Florent.
30 tn_boules.jpg (3222 bytes) medium The evening boules game on the square in in St. Florent. Apparently, effect is more important than cause at this stage of the game.
29 tn_bay.tile.jpg (1956 bytes) medium Rooftop on the road west from St. Florent, Corsica.
28 tn_sam.down.jpg (3817 bytes) medium Sam was just learning about gangways.  The passage to Capraia was his first sea duty.  I'd have offered some tips, but he spoke only German.   He didn't get much help from the Italian dogs in town, either.
27 tn_capraia.jpg (3537 bytes) medium Looking over toward the "yachty" side of the harbor at Capraia.
26 tn_jet.tail.jpg (1747 bytes) medium It was very quiet in the plane when we made the approach to JFK; almost everyone was looking out the windows toward Manhattan.
25 tn_dogsrule.jpg (2807 bytes) medium It's another case of "Who domesticated whom?"
24 tn_leaf.event.jpg (3737 bytes) medium Bigleaf magnolia leaves.  It's an event when one of these things falls. 
22 tn_snoutfly.jpg (2515 bytes) medium I know.  I'm in a rut - small things in the driveway. But, this is one of the strangest flies I've ever seen.  It appears to have two small white stabilizer wings on the sides of its thorax.  The wings look feathery and the snout is downright odd.
21 tn_mushroomcurves.jpg (2068 bytes) medium A mass of mushrooms.
20 tn_cricket.gone.jpg (2773 bytes) medium Definitely not Jiminy's finest hour.  Around the eyes, crickets resemble mullet, and probably fill a similar niche in their environment: a not-particularly-intelligent protein source.
19 tn_cricket.yellowjacket.jpg (3100 bytes) medium The cricket was very lethargic, possibly a result of the cooler weather or an injury.  While I was photographing it, a yellowjacket attacked and began making a meal of him.  There's a lot of drama out there in the leaf litter.
18 tn_seedfluff.jpg (2333 bytes) medium It's less that 1/2" across and it was hanging precariously on the edge of a leaf in the driveway, bouncing in the swirls of wind.
17 tn_sweaterlawn.jpg (2286 bytes) medium There was a heavy fall of pine needles a few days ago.  My neighbor's lawn looks like a mohair sweater.
16 tn_beertruck.jpg (3098 bytes) medium Microbreweries even have better trucks than the big beer refineries.
15 tn_dogwood.needle.jpg (2521 bytes) medium Dogwood seeds have tiny white hairs on their ends with the stems.
14 tn_squirrel.seed.jpg (2662 bytes) medium It's hard to imagine that a squirrel could find enough nourishment in a dogwood seed to bother with it.
13 tn_tinyred.jpg (2713 bytes) medium The deepest colors seem to be showing up in the smallest leaves.
12 tn_feather.hidden.jpg (2684 bytes) medium Trees aren't the only things shedding in the fall.
11 tn_quickgrub.jpg (2971 bytes) medium He was under the bark on the chopping block by the woodpile.  A 3"-long larvae of some sort, but astonishingly quick and agile.  He's able to flip 180 degrees in an instant.
10 tn_ant.hornet.jpg (3323 bytes) medium Ants dismembering a dead hornet.   Presumably, they're already hauled the abdomen away.
9 tn_harborcrane.jpg (1667 bytes) medium

Jetty construction at the Ocean Springs harbor entrance.  The red color was added; the first enhanced photo on this site.  (The blue in the photograph on October 1 was natural sky with a polarizing filter.)

8 tn_kumquat.stork.jpg (3590 bytes) medium Looks like a cartoon image of a goofy stork, doesn't it?
2 (2594 bytes) medium Outer Banks helmet shell basking in the autumn sun in Decatur.
1 tn_tormentosa.jpg (2549 bytes) medium Paulonia tormentosa.  Doomed by cool weather and gnawed by insects, it looks like its name.  The leaves are huge, about 12" wide.


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