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January 1999
31 tn_fly36.jpg (3770 bytes) medium
Especially for Katy and Leah.  This is the uninvited breakfast guest I told you about.  Yep, the background color is orange juice orange.
30 tn_dog.jpg (3066 bytes) medium
Spectator at Ocean Springs' Mardi Gras Parade.  The conversation bubble is cardboard attached to the dog's glasses, not a computer addition.
29 tn_sneakers.jpg (2781 bytes) medium
White man's mocassins, Pascagoula.
28 tn_mardi.gras.head.jpg (4249 bytes) medium
Ready for Mardi Gras, Pascagoula.
27 tn_masks.jpg (4465 bytes) medium
Part of the inventory at Josette's in Biloxi, ready for Mardi Gras.
26 tn_witch.jpg (3471 bytes) medium
The weather witch atop the hardware store in Biloxi.
25 tn_cockle.nest.jpg (3493 bytes) medium
Cockle shells from Horn Island.
24 tn_zatarains.jpg (3742 bytes) medium
The classic Gulf Coast seafood seasoning.
23 (3665 bytes) medium
Earth, Sea, & Sky bowl, WIA Museum, OS.
22 tn_s.water.horses.jpg (3446 bytes) medium
Shearwater Pottery horses, WIA Museum, OS.
21 tn_revival.jpg (1602 bytes) medium
Wednesday services at the church around the corner, Ocean Springs.
20 tn_train.jpg (2970 bytes) medium
Freight train, Ocean Springs.
19 tn_mask.jpg (3956 bytes) medium
African mask in the dining room.
18 tn_angel.jpg (1912 bytes) medium
Cemetary angel in Marietta, GA.
17 tn_plumb.bob.jpg (2385 bytes) medium
The plumb bob hanging from the arbor on the deck, with an early morning shadow.
16 tn_wasp.nest.jpg (2567 bytes) medium
A wasp nest that blew down onto the deck during the night.
15 tn_winter.sprouts.jpg (4075 bytes) medium
Daffodils in the front yard, fooled by the warm weather.
14 tn_wasp.jpg (1817 bytes) medium
A 1/2" wasp on the light fixture in the study.  He's missing the left hind leg.
13 (1388 bytes) medium
One of the pair of screech owls who share the back yard with me.   I could have gotten a better picture with the strobe, but they would never again trust me to get so close.
12 tn_ironman.sun.belly.jpg (3743 bytes) medium
The little iron guy who guards the driveway beneath a dogwood.
11 tn_harbor.moon.jpg (2147 bytes) medium
Back to Ocean Springs Harbor; from a couple of weeks ago.
10 tn_plastic.nun.jpg (3780 bytes) medium
One of a special order of small, but foxy, plastic nuns protects the top of Rosemarie's Hoosier cupboard from a pair of vicious Japanese invaders.
9 tn_silver.eagle.jpg (1435 bytes) medium
The emblem from Rosemarie's father's Trailways bus; now a kitchen decoration in Grant Park.
8 tn_shrimp.boil.jpg (2294 bytes) medium
Jim boiling shrimp to celebrate Allen's 50th, Avondale Estates, GA.
7 tn_effigy0199.jpg (4701 bytes) medium
Another Gulf coast Indian effigy.
6 tn_harbor.dock.jpg (3278 bytes) medium
The community dock on the inner harbor at Ocean Springs.
5 tn_guitar.jpg (2562 bytes) medium
Jimmy Weider's guitar.
4 medium
T.K. sitting in on Levon Helm's drum set at the cafe in New Orleans.
3 medium
Hey, it looked perfectly normal on Magazine Street.
2 tn_carpuddle.jpg (1763 bytes) medium
Puddle and stepping stones, Ocean Springs.
1 tn_coquina.pair.jpg (1139 bytes) medium

Two pairs of Coquina shells on the west point of Horn Island.

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