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December 1998
31 medium
Angel trumpet blossoms on Ward Avenue, OS.
30 medium
The SeaPearl on the north beach for loading at Horn Island.
29 medium
Cannonball jellyfish.
28 medium
Horseshoe crab stranded and kicking on the north beach.
27 medium
Five pines on the Chimney Point, Horn Island.
26 medium
Bridge over the Mobile/Tensaw River on I-65.
25 tn_santa.crab.jpg (1748 bytes) medium
Christmas ornament made from the shell of a blue crab, Mobile.  
Santa sapidus calinectes.
24 tn_bucket.jpg (3889 bytes) medium
Disconnected crane bucket at Eastlake Commons, Atlanta.
23 tn_red.susanqua.jpg (5915 bytes) medium
Red susanqua in the back yard.
22 tn_delta.engine.jpg (3392 bytes) medium
Above the clouds over Washington, D.C.
21 tn_birch.bark.jpg (3607 bytes) medium
A limb knot on a birch tree, Ipswich.
20 (2229 bytes) medium
Bill the cat dozing in Ipswich.
19 tn_yellow.chair.jpg (2767 bytes) medium
Knowle's and Patience's new chair, Ipswich.
18 tn_bl.barometer.jpg (5959 bytes) medium
The barometer from Boston Light I, retired in Ipswich, MA.
17 tn_ladybug.jpg (3181 bytes) medium
A ladybug on my office desk.  Apparently, they are hibernating inside the building and occasionally wandering out when the weather is warm.
16 tn_fingertip.jpg (2013 bytes) medium
Tip of left ring finger.
15 tn_computer.bug.jpg (2225 bytes) medium
Computer bug on keyboard at office.
14 tn_pooch.snoot.jpg (4065 bytes) medium
13 tn_bell.drops.jpg (2440 bytes) medium
Rain drops on the back door bell.
12 tn_berry.drip.jpg (5134 bytes) medium
Nandina berries in the rain.
11 tn_tree.chip.jpg (5057 bytes) medium
Computer bios chip on a pine tree in the rain.  Don't ask why.
10 tn_deskbug.jpg (3541 bytes) medium
Insect on a report on my office desk, Atlanta.
9 tn_santa.big.jpg (2148 bytes) medium
Giant Santa on Highway 90, Mississippi
8 tn_1607.wreath.jpg (3030 bytes) medium
Wreath at 1607 Porter, made from smilax, or greenbrier.
7 tn_cobia.jpg (3180 bytes) medium
Detail from Chris Stebley's watercolor of a pair of ling/cobia/lemonfish.
6 tn_vine.leaves.jpg (3576 bytes) medium
Unknown vine leaves, OS.


tn_toad2.jpg (3647 bytes) medium
Toad beneath the live oaks at John's house, Ocean Springs.


tn)_boomstar.jpg (3231 bytes) medium
Decoration on the end of the main boom of the schooner Glen Swetman, Biloxi.


tn_football.jpg (1498 bytes) medium
Football washed ashore on Horn Island.  Another storm casualty?



Portugese man of war jellyfish on the outer beach at Horn Island.

1 tn_teardropleaves.jpg (2409 bytes) medium

Color change in the ?? tree, knocked down during the hurricane and righted the next day.

All images copyright 1998 by D. W. Abrams.  Unauthorized duplication or use is prohibited.