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November 2001
30 tn_folksfishing.jpg (2972 bytes) medium Folks fishing.  Check the activities going on.  There's everything except someone making a cast.
29 tn_lagoonsunset.jpg (2109 bytes) medium Lagoon sunset.
28 (2540 bytes) medium Each spiraling "ring" of growth continues the same marvelous proportion and pattern.
27 tn_beachlogs.jpg (3810 bytes) medium Palm logs washed up on the south point of Hunting Island.
26 tn_beachdancer.jpg (1977 bytes) medium The boundary between land and sea is easy and flexible in the natural world.  In the human world, we've made it  the subject of crises and catastrophies.

Is she dancing or flying?

13 tn_ptpost.jpg (3804 bytes) medium Fresh pressure-treated post.
12 tn_twicebys.jpg (3089 bytes) medium Twice-by-twelves.  Twicet-by-twelves, if you're from the mountains.
11 tn_747nose.jpg (2656 bytes) medium Boeing 747from the terminal at JFK.  A security guard threatened to confiscate my camera.  Welcome home to the land of the free.
10 tn_threearches.jpg (2958 bytes) medium Just up the hill from the Vieux Port in Marseilles, there's an Arch d'Triomphe. And just across the street there's an unfortunate bit of American influence. I couldn't resist going in to shoot this, looking out through the window of the burger palace.
9 tn_boulliabase.jpg (2750 bytes) medium The star ingredients in the most fantastic bouillabaise I've ever tasted.  Marseilles.
8 tn_market.spices.jpg (3496 bytes) medium Spices in the market at Nyons.  I encountered the same woman in the Isle sur la Sorges market last Sunday.  I walked into a cloud of scent and realize that they were there long before I saw the display. Today, we talked about persillade and when she realized I was an American, her face melted into a look of sweet and simple sympathy as she told me how the September 11 attacks affected her and her friends. The words were purely about sympathy for a terrible human tragedy, with nothing said about retribution or anger.  It was remarkably comforting.   
7 (2886 bytes) medium One of the cats who live in the Roman coliseum in Arles.  Looks like the ones in the Maurice Sendak books, doesn't he?
6 (3893 bytes) medium Window in Arles, France.
5 tn_ventoux.road.jpg (3678 bytes) medium The road at the summit of Mt. Ventoux.   That's a semi truck being passed by the car at the hairpin. 
4 tn_parallelogram.knob.jpg (4847 bytes) medium Door knob in the afternoon.
3 tn_pastis.jpg (4090 bytes) medium Pastis.  It's what's for lunch in LŽIsle sur la Sourge
2 tn_citadelledoor.jpg (2913 bytes) medium Doorway to a home in the Citadelle above the harbor, near the French Foreign Legion barracks.
1 tn_sterns.jpg (3282 bytes) medium Two classic boats in Calvi, on Corsica, for an annual regatta.


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