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September 2002
30 tn_graffitibike.jpg (3968 bytes) medium

Inside the old walled city of Grosetto.

29 tn_redroof.jpg (3132 bytes) medium

Underside of the tile roof over the third-floor terrace.

28 tn_tuscantool.jpg (4599 bytes) medium

Tuscan farm tool outside the house in Radda.

27 tn_grape.harvest.jpg (2855 bytes) medium

Ready to pick, outside Radda in Chianti.

26 tn_cherrybrew.jpg (3826 bytes) medium Wild cherry mash fermenting in the sun on a roof outside Spoleto.  I suspect the tires are Pirellis.
25 tn_sm.novella.jpg (20156 bytes) medium Looking up and back nearly 700 years into the Piazza della Signoria in Florence.
24 tn_baptistry.door.jpg (21330 bytes) medium A detail from one of Ghilberti's15th century doors on the Baptistry in the Piazza della Signoria in Florence.  (These are actually copies of the originals, which have been moved to an indoor museum.)
23 tn_arches.jpg (3338 bytes) medium Inside Dicletian's Palace.  The entire place is a United Nations World Heritage site, but people live and work there.  It's marvelous.
22 tn_laundry.jpg (3303 bytes) medium Laundry in the city.
21 tn_diocletians.door.jpg (5506 bytes) medium The door in the south entrance to Diocletian's palace in Split, Croatia.
20 tn_arrogance.jpg (4277 bytes) medium Arrogance is a cat.
19 tn_winecap.jpg (4650 bytes) medium Many of the Croatian wines intended for domestic consumption have bottle caps instead of corks.  While it makes good material for jokes, the wines are excellent and so inexpensive it's almost embarrassing.
18 (1859 bytes) medium The most appealing dockside dog I've ever seen.   Vis, Croatia.
17 (3707 bytes) medium Light through a glass of tea on the boat's cockpit table..
16 tn_rowing.rig.jpg (2696 bytes) medium Compare this rowing setup to the Louisiana boat on February 6, 2000.
15 tn_nosuits.jpg (6511 bytes) medium A subtle reminder for visitors at the church in Milna, Croatia.
14 tn_milna.boat.jpg (20121 bytes) medium Typical fishing boat in Milna.
13 tn_rosemary.snail.jpg (2281 bytes) medium A very large snail on a very large rosemary bush.  Several kinds of rosemary grow wild all over the coast of Croatia.  It's wonderfully convenient for cooking and adds a great scent to the air.
12 tn_dont.ask.jpg (3553 bytes) medium Mama said there'd be days like this.  This is not our boat; we had nothing to do with this scene other than observing from a distance and photographing it.
11 (3610 bytes) medium In case there was any doubt, I put this on the back of the seat in front of me on our flight to Rome.  One of the other passengers was a tiny eighty-something lady with an American flag hand-embroidered on her blouse.   It's a shame that our vice president lacks her courage and common sense. 

Hey, Dick.  Hey, George!  Come visit us here in the real world some time.

10 tn_cicada.jpg (3899 bytes) medium Cicada thorax and wing root.
9 tn_twofritcats.jpg (3907 bytes) medium Two fritillary caterpillars devouring the passion flower vines.  It's been the best year so far for the fritillaries.
8 tn_threecats.jpg (3325 bytes) medium Three fritillary caterpillars (say that five times as fast as you can) and a few ants enjoying leaves and aphid "nectar," respectively.
  7 tn_poke.strand.jpg (2754 bytes) medium A strand of pokeweed berries (on the back of an alligator carved from a cypress log)
6 tn_cicadawing.jpg (8191 bytes) medium Cicada wing.  Otto Lienthal must have looked at these when he designed his gliders in the late 19th century.
. 5 tn_cypress.ibis1.jpg (5862 bytes) medium A white ibis stalking dinner among the cypress trees at the edge of an oxbow lake off the Pascagoula River.
4 tn_tree.blossom.ball.jpg (21868 bytes) medium It's another of those little details in nature that go unnoticed most of the time - a blossom on a tree at the edge of a lake.  I'd have to look it up to know the name, but the sight and structure and symmetry of it are the important things.
3 tn_exxon.bbq.jpg (4442 bytes) medium It's served on a single slice of very thin white bread (tanker hull humor).  And don't forget to try the Valdez sauce - it may be a little greasy but it sure sticks well.
2 tn_fritillary.chrysalis.jpg (24163 bytes) medium Fritillary chrysalis on the day after it changed from a caterpillar.  The wings, eyes, and even the antennae are already visible through the shell.  I suppose they have to be quick about it since they have to migrate southward before cool weather arrives.
1 tn_frenchtoast.jpg (4789 bytes) medium French toast with peaches.... warmed maple syrup waiting on the table.


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