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September 2001
30 tn_magnolia.seed.cone.jpg (4264 bytes) medium Magnolia seed cones will never have to apologize to orchids in the exotic department.
29 tn_pinhole.dogwood.leaf.jpg (5243 bytes) medium Sunlight streaming though a dogwood leaf.
28 tn_cicada.snout.jpg (4624 bytes) medium There are a couple of astonishing things about this cast off cicada shell: the fact that the shell of antennae and the bristles on his snout are intact and the sheer horror of the beast.  Aliens III, now opening in the soil beneath your lawn.
27 tn_stealth.stingray.jpg (3747 bytes) medium The holes in this poplar leaf are a mystery.  Looks like a stealth stingray or some sort of appropriately deflated KKK hood.
26 tn_pine.missile.jpg (2845 bytes) medium What it lacks in mass, it makes up for with velocity.  The needles falling from the tall pines wreak havoc on the shrubs, and even the magnolia leaves.
25 tn_new.hatch.jpg (4145 bytes) medium Another new hatchling today.
24 tn_frit.chrysalis2.jpg (4035 bytes) medium Continuing in the passion flower patch, here's a fritillary chrysalis about four days old.  There's a coiled antenna at the bottom of the frame and the texture of the wings is visible.  I'm wondering whether the S-shaped flaw in the shell is going to be reflected in the adult butterfly.
23 tn_spider.bunch.jpg (3646 bytes) medium While I was shooting photos of the spider, he got spooked and scooted down a strand of silk to the sidewalk and adopted a defensive posture with his legs bunched together.  Most spiders have eight eyes; I'm not sure where the other four are on this one.  There may be a pair of large ones outboard of the lower row.   Detail
22 tn_leopard.spider.jpg (3289 bytes) medium The pattern on this spider's abdomen looks very much like the face of a leopard.  Monster movies could be filmed quite easily with a macro lens and few special effects.
21 tn_naturallines.jpg (2156 bytes) medium Nature draws both straight and curved lines.
20 tn_stalkedeggs.jpg (1748 bytes) medium Back in the passionflower patch.  I have no idea what these are.  They're very delicate, barely a eighth of an inch high, and aligned in a perfect row.   Eggs of some sort?  Why on stalks?
19 tn_stinkbugtop.jpg (2811 bytes) medium Another view. I'm wondering about the two droplets of red on the aft end of his head.  Do insects leak?  Any entomologists looking at this?
18 tn_stinkbug.jpg (2181 bytes) medium If they traveled in packs, this one would definitely be the alpha stinkbug.
17 tn_fritchrysalis.jpg (4447 bytes) medium The empty chrysalis, suspended from the underside of a passionflower leaf.  The outline of the wing structure is visible in the shell, in miniature.  When the butterfly emerges, it pumps fluid into the wings to fill them out.
16 tn_adultfritillary.jpg (2570 bytes) medium The first flaps.  (Another case where there's no word that really describes the motion.  It's slower and more stately than a flap. Not at all a flitter, either.  Suggestions?  Floop?)
15 tn_fritillary.jpg (3831 bytes) medium The gulf fritillaries are hatching in the passion flower vines again this year.  This one had just emerged and hadn't yet flown.  This fall, the event seems much more significant and wonderful than usual.   A small celebration of fresh, vibrant life, grace, and beauty.  Fragile, but tenacious and enduring.
14 tn_gumfungus.jpg (3838 bytes) medium I suppose the sugar in the sap of these sweetgum logs supports a more colorful and ornate fungus.
13 tn_tunnelweb.jpg (3061 bytes) medium A spider's web in the wood pile.  It seems like the whole neighborhood is overrun with webs of all kinds.  It's a tough time to be an insect on McConnell Drive.  I adulterated this scene just a bit.   The web needed a few shots of mist from a spray bottle to reflect the late afternoon sun.
12 tn_flag.jpg (5878 bytes) medium I hope we will have the wisdom and the courage and the restraint to react in a way that distinguishes us from the people who attacked us.
11 tn_wtc.jpg (1612 bytes) medium September 11, 2001.
9 tn_shrimp.jpg (1901 bytes) medium Shrimp, just the way I like them:  fresh, large, and in my kitchen.
8 tn_pierpines.jpg (1148 bytes) medium Pilings and pier, with pines on Deer Island.
7 tn_grits.jpg (1327 bytes) medium Grits.  Just grits.  .
3 tn_beachshadow.jpg (3217 bytes) medium Inverted image of the reflection of a wader on the beach.
2 tn_wavelets.jpg (2949 bytes) medium

Wavelets on Front Beach.   Luminosity and viscosity at play.


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