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February 2002
28 tn_wintercypress.jpg (1724 bytes) medium Winter cypress times two.
27 tn_skylake.jpg (1210 bytes) medium Overcast sky reflected on water. 
25 tn_threecooks.jpg (2947 bytes) medium Georgia pig roasters. You pick the one with the Ph.D. 
24 tn_3hams.jpg (3687 bytes) medium Genetic engineering finally yields a hog with three hams.  This one was the guest of honor at the Joyce's annual-or-so backyard pig roast.
23 tn_snout.jpg (2195 bytes) medium From the right vantage point, pigs and elephants look a lot alike.
21 tn_pound.cake.jpg (3738 bytes) medium Birthday pound cake that arrived in the mail.   Thanks, Mom.
20 tn_brownsnake.jpg (2241 bytes) medium A garter snake found lounging in the street.  The very first thing it did when I picked it up was to squirt about a dozen drops of very powerful, very funky-smelling musk.  Fortunately, only one drop hit me.
18 tn_megagrub.jpg (3021 bytes) medium It was the largest grub I've ever seen, a bit larger than the first two digits of my ring finger.  The chickens fought over it for nearly five minutes.  Yep, that's willow pattern.
17 tn_fresheggs.jpg (2816 bytes) medium Eggs just don't come any fresher than this.   The dark ones are Wellsummer hen eggs.  Prince Charles raises them, too.   The nest box is lined with longleaf pine needles and spanish moss - poultry poetry.
16 tn_adrift.jpg (2771 bytes) medium Adrift on a sea of palmetto and scrub oak.   After 30 years, she's acquired the same fire darkened black and soft lichen grey-green that decorates the trees.
15 tn_starfish.shadow.jpg (2484 bytes) medium Starfish and sand shadow.
14 tn_st.ruby.jpg (2369 bytes) medium St. Ruby of St. Teresa Beach.  The halo was not planned.
13 tn_silos.jpg (2271 bytes) medium Silage silos or a secret ICBM launch site in the Florida panhandle.  The cow is there for security reasons.
12 tn_boomer.jpg (1370 bytes) medium Poseidon nuclear submarine, with taxpayers.
She's departing King's Bay, through the pass between Cumberland Island and Fernandina Beach.
9 tn_hobiesplat.jpg (2437 bytes) medium They must have been doing at least 300 kts. when they came through the surf.
8 tn_koolaid.jpg (3021 bytes) medium Why, sure it's expensive.  But when you're dealing in a tourism-driven market environment with a short-duration seasonal sales distribution, you have to recover your overhead with a limited unit volume of product.
7 tn_beaverpond.jpg (2177 bytes) medium Beaver pond built adjacent to a culvert running beneath the highway.  Near Aline, Georgia but close to almost nothing
6 tn_wtc.jpg (4088 bytes) medium One family's memorial to the September 11attacks.  Decatur, Georgia.
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