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November 2002
22 tn_snake.shed.jpg (21862 bytes) medium Snake skin recently shed and wet with dew.   The eyes and lower jaw are clearly visible.  About five feet long. Pine snake?
21 tn_gentians.jpg (27011 bytes) medium Gentian adding a splash of astonishing color to the floor of the woods.
20 tn_longleaf.up.jpg (21739 bytes) medium Looking up at an old-growth longleaf pine.
19 tn_lighter.knots.jpg (18727 bytes) medium Bucket of kindling, with longleaf pines.
18 (29249 bytes) medium I shot this at dusk, so it's a bit grainy, but the color of the flowers is the important thing.  It stands out from the greens, browns, and greys that dominate,  The cluster of tiny flowers seems like a fog or mist of color rather than a group of objects.
17 tn_garden.scallops.jpg (19459 bytes) medium Didn't see any silver bells, but there were quite a few scallop shells.  Alson one pretty maid, a retired hound, and a persistent deer hunter. 
  16 tn_skipper.jpg (23025 bytes) medium Skipper butterfly on lantana leaf on a chilly day, warming up in the sun after feeding.
15 tn_truckers.chapel.jpg (16588 bytes) medium Rainy day pilgrim at the Trucker's Chapel, along I-75 in Georgia.


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