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February  2001
19 tn_huge.oyster.jpg (3063 bytes) medium That's not a large oyster, it's a huge oyster.   Some were even larger. 
18 (3689 bytes) medium Box-full-'o-happiness - fresh oysters and celebratory champagne.  They were roasted and toasted on the beach on one of the islands.
15 tn_charlie.jpg (2918 bytes) medium Charlie is the resident diamond-back water snake at the Seasons Nursery.  He wanders from pool to pool and suns himself wherever he chooses.  Hopefully, he's helping the customers break the typical habit of killing every snake they encounter.  That's pollen on his skin.
14 tn_beached.jpg (1153 bytes) medium Beached on a still, foggy morning.
7 tn_smokerays.jpg (2778 bytes)  medium Late afternoon sun cutting oblique lines through the vertical and horizontal.
6 medium
5  tn_flames.jpg (3099 bytes) medium  Long leaf pine needles blazing.
4 tn_jdsmoke.jpg (2068 bytes) medium Walking the fire lanes.
3 tn_flamefront.jpg (4106 bytes) medium Fire moving through a long leaf pine forest in south Georgia.  It's a controlled fire that's set on a day when conditions prevent it from burning too hot.  It's done periodically to control the understory growth and prevent the buildup of combustible materials that could result in a hot fire that would harm the trees.  The pine forests and the inhabitants have evolved with fire.  It's rebirth rather than destruction.
2  tn_ally.mcchicken.jpg (7659 bytes) medium Calista Flockhart finds her place in the country.  

Mamas, don't let your daughters grow up to be anorexics.

1  tn_skink.jpg (2364 bytes) medium This fellow was happily burrowed into the ginger lilies until I dislodged him with the shovel.  He was groggy from the cold, so he was easier to handle and photograph than the normal high-strung skink bent on escape.

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