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March 1999
31 tn_winches.jpg (3824 bytes) medium Pair of big primary winches on Boston Light II.
30 (4118 bytes) medium A boatyard bike at Riverbend Marina, Ft. Lauderdale.
29 tn_slow.manatee.jpg (5229 bytes) medium So, the quick ones are somewhere else? Ft. Lauderdale
28 tn_bl2.jpg (3488 bytes) medium Boston Light II at Dinner Key Marina.  Miami.
27 (2013 bytes) medium The latest in the battle of the bumper fish.  Ocean Springs, but the car was from Texas.
26 tn_dredging.jpg (3435 bytes) medium The final stages of dredging.
25 tn_spud.set.jpg (6358 bytes) medium Jason setting the spuds when the barge was moved, OS.
24 tn_coon.tracks.jpg (2872 bytes) medium Raccoons patrolled the spoil bank each night.  OS
23 tn_splat.jpg (3995 bytes) medium Dredging in progress, OS.
22 tn_dump.truck.jpg (3924 bytes) medium The truck that delivered the bulldozer to the harbor lot in Ocean Springs.  Check that shine.
21 tn_sunset032299.jpg (2574 bytes) medium Subtle sunset in Ocean Springs.
20 tn_blur.blossoms.jpg (1549 bytes) medium Two blossoms on a backyard tree, blurred by wind motion.
19 tn_pothead.jpg (2925 bytes) medium Buckhead pot head.
18 tn_red.wagon.jpg (1895 bytes) medium A classic in JP's backyard.
17 tn_heinz.jpg (2425 bytes) medium The noble Heinz surveys his realm.
16 tn_poplar.buds.jpg (2316 bytes) medium Poplar buds on a limb blown down by the wind.
15 tn_holly.leaf.jpg (2924 bytes) medium Holly leaf backlit by the morning sunr.
14 tn_1607.view.jpg (3586 bytes) medium The azalea-enhanced view from my desk in OS.
13 tn_1607azalea.jpg (3363 bytes) medium 1607 Porter with azaleas, Ocean Springs.
12 (3265 bytes) medium Another casualty of the CVS invasion of Emory Village.
11 tn_cvsboo.jpg (2925 bytes) medium The prevailing opinion on CVS in Decatur.
10 tn_burr.jpg (3195 bytes) medium Sweetgum burr on the driveway.
9 tn_stamps.jpg (3824 bytes) medium Remember when you could mail a letter for a quarter?
8 tn_burning.cone.jpg (5007 bytes) medium A pine cone in the fireplace.
7 tn_fried.ginger.jpg (3241 bytes) medium

Fried ginger for Tom's Thai catfish.   Unfortunately, the photos of the fish themselves were not very good.  The fish, however, were fantastic.

6 tn_bc.pie.jpg (3373 bytes) medium Barbara's delicious coconut cream pie.
5 tn_fishing.boys.jpg (3857 bytes) medium Scenes from the new South.  They're both $44.95 at the Ye Olde Pottery Barn or whatever that horrid place i north of Atlanta is named.
4 tn_outlet.romance.jpg (2071 bytes) medium Romance at the outlet mall in Dawsonville, GA.
3 tn_kitchen.spider.jpg (2224 bytes) medium A kitchen visitor.  When left alone, he flattens himself on the floor.  When he feels threatened, he hops up into the air and lands on his toes, with legs arched.  See the eyes?
2 tn_bug.raft.jpg (1315 bytes) medium

A pair of insects that fell into a plastic pitcher we use at the office for watering the plants.  The ladybug apparently doesn't like to swim.

1 tn_heleboris.bud.jpg (2546 bytes) medium

A heleboris bud in the back yard.

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