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January 2002
31 tn_redtail.amoco.jpg (3053 bytes) medium Redtail hawk near Letohatchee.
30 (3840 bytes) medium Two of these appeared in the ginger lily bed, rummaging around on the surface of the mulch.
29 tn_cat.rudder.jpg (2418 bytes) medium The tail section of John's new catboat.
28 tn_doorbell.stick.jpg (3251 bytes) medium He was clinging to my neighbor's doorbell.   Very rigid and still, obviously unaware that his camouflage wasn't working nearly as well as it would if he were surrounded by twigs in a bush.
26 tn_fungisuvius.jpg (3049 bytes) medium A dead sweetgum branch fell during the rain last night.  This yellow orange fungus had erupted through the bark in several places.   Nature is often very generous with color, but sometimes only in tiny doses.   This cluster is  about 1/4" across.
25 tn_helical.blossom.jpg (2665 bytes) medium This was a quick snapshot on a friend's kitchen table.  The blossom is shaped very much like one of the super-quiet, high-speed propellers used on nuclear submarines.
21 tn_urchin.butt.jpg (2113 bytes) medium I have no idea what this creature is.  He was as mobile as a slow-moving beetle, but anchored his rear in place with a multi-fingered gripping device that looks like a sea urchin. Length is about an inch.
21 tn_mlktomb.jpg (2078 bytes) medium Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
1929 - 1968
Free at Last,  Free at Last,
Thank God Almighty
I'm free at last.
20 tn_click.beetle.jpg (2511 bytes) medium A click beetle that turned up in the woodpile.   Although he was very lethargic and kept his legs tucked in close, the click mechanism was still working quite well.
19 tn_uncle.josh.jpg (2627 bytes) medium Anyone who has ever done any bass fishing will know exactly what this is. Say hello to Uncle Josh's nephew Rusty.
3 tn_snowkayaks.jpg (2611 bytes) medium Atlanta.  Some days you have trouble keeping up with the georgraphy and climate changes. Another view.
2 tn_28.jpg (3528 bytes) medium I count eight and twenty.
1 tn_oysterboat.jpg (2376 bytes) medium Oyster boats at Eastpoint, Florida.


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