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August 1999
31 tn_bowdoin.jpg (3132 bytes) medium The Maine Maritime Academy's schooner Bowdoin in Castine Harbor, ME.
30 tn_penn.reel.jpg (3640 bytes) medium The reel that circumnavigated with Boston Light in 1987-1988.
29 tn_whales.jpg (1487 bytes) medium Trio of whales on Stellwaggen Bank.
28 tn_ccbridge.jpg (1915 bytes) medium The southern highway bridge over the Cape Cod Canal.
27 tn_onmooring.jpg (2734 bytes) medium A boat lying on her mooring in the harbor at Quisset, MA.
26 tn_no.dinghys.jpg (5794 bytes) medium They just look like dinghys.
25 tn_dock.meter.jpg (6040 bytes) medium The innards of a gas meter on the dock at Lunt's in Frenchboro, ME.
24 (4488 bytes) medium Your basic boatyard dog, Castine, ME.
23 tn_shine.bow.jpg (3401 bytes) medium Bow of the motorboat Shine, Castine, Me.
22 tn_oardrip.jpg (2211 bytes) medium An oar, Tenant's Harbor. ME.
21 tn_eddie.block.jpg (3643 bytes) medium The top of the foam block walls of Eddie's place in the mountains, just before the concrete truck and the pump truck appeared.  I could still stand upright at this moment.
20 tn_turtle.head.jpg (2618 bytes) medium A box turtle that wandered into the garden pool and couldn't get out.
19 tn_kudzu.curse.jpg (2560 bytes) medium The curse of Kudzu.  Behind the Havana Sandwich Shop.
18 tn_wetweb.jpg (6549 bytes) medium I sprayed some of the ferns this morning and hit this spider web, too.
17 tn_waterstrider.jpg (3255 bytes) medium The camera wanted to focus on the creek bottom and the water strider wasn't exactly a patient model, but the bending and shadowing of the light are interesting.  The surface of the water is depressed where the insect is standing and there's a wake behind him from the last "stroke" of his legs.
16 tn_tiger.swallowtail.jpg (4268 bytes) medium Tiger swallowtail butterfly.  I left the large image at 1600 x 1200, so you can see the detail if you're willing to wait for the download.
15 tn_fluff.moss.jpg (2906 bytes) medium A bit of seed fluff caught on a mossy rock.
14 tn_flyreel.jpg (4006 bytes) medium My smaller flyreel.
13 tn_skipper.jpg (2964 bytes) medium A skipper butterfly. 
12 tn_coffeepot.jpg (5566 bytes) medium It was too much trouble to pack the stove just for coffee.
11 tn_damsel.male.jpg (2652 bytes) medium Male damselfly.  They were very skittish and didn't like being approached too closely.  I had never know about the tapering rows of translucent bristles on their legs until I saw this photograph.
10 tn_damsel.female.jpg (4962 bytes) medium The damselflies were breeding and laying eggs along the creek near Suches, GA.  This is a female balanced on some aquatic weed with her abdomen below the surface.  She was placing eggs (apparently) one-by-one on the strands.
9 tn_wet.dry.jpg (4470 bytes) medium A nice sculpture with wet/dry accents, created by the creek.
8 tn_centipede.curl.jpg (4808 bytes) medium This centipede was clinging to a tree branch along a creek in north Georgia.
7 tn_horsefly.jpg (3065 bytes) medium A horsefly.  He was perched peacefully on my hand until a fraction of second before I pressed the shutter.  It was his last mistake.
6 tn_camp.jpg (2082 bytes) medium Last Sunday evening on the island.  The chairs get moved during the day to follow the shade.
5 tn_stumpstrobe.jpg (1880 bytes) medium Tree stump washed ashore on Horn Island.
4 (2880 bytes) medium A skate's egg case on the beach at Horn Island.
3 tn_kudzu.tractor.jpg (3386 bytes) medium Kudzu creeping down the hill to I-285.
2 tn_crab.pot.jpg (4434 bytes) medium Dinner.  Scooped from the Gulf that morning.
1 tn_blueboard.jpg (1587 bytes) medium

An interesting piece of lumber that washed ashore on Horn Island.

All images copyright 1999 by D. W. Abrams.  Unauthorized duplication or use is prohibited.