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November 1998



Ocean Springs turtle eating a mushroom..



End grain of cedar log salvaged after Hurricane Georges.



Gas meter in Ocean Springs.

27 tn_wisteria.yellow.jpg (5967 bytes) medium
Wisteria leaves with pine straw.
26 tn_sunstripes2.jpg (2569 bytes) medium
Early morning sun and shadow stripes on the rafters of the arbor.
25 tn_leafmonster.jpg (3626 bytes) medium
Fallen sweetgum leaf.
24 tn_compuwires.jpg (4773 bytes) medium
Mass of computer wires and gadgets from a file drawer cleanup.
23 tn_bell.loop.jpg (5152 bytes) medium
Upper part of the back door bell by Tom Torrens.
22 tn_stinkbug.jpg (3273 bytes) medium
Stink bug in the moonflower vine.
21 tn_moonflower.jpg (6270 bytes) medium
Moonflower vine on RDP's front porch.
20 tn_chips.jpg (4403 bytes) medium
Dogwood limb being turned into a tiller.
19 tn_staghorn.jpg (2940 bytes) medium
Staghorn fern on the deck.
18 tn_statue.head.jpg (4610 bytes) medium
Detail of statue on John Speaks' piano.  Part of the photos for Thailand program.
17 tn_yellowfungus.jpg (4037 bytes) medium
Two kinds of fugus on a fallen limb.  Note the white edges of new growth on the flat orange one.
16 tn_dendrobium.jpg (4620 bytes) medium
Dendrobium orchid.
15 tn_yellow.leaves.jpg (6418 bytes) medium
Sprinkling of silver maple leaves from the tree next door.
14 tn_bigleaf.brown.jpg (2553 bytes) medium
Bigleaf magnolia gone brown and ready to fall.
13 tn_mimosa.brown.jpg (3315 bytes) medium
Mimosa seedling out of step with the rest of the deciduous trees.
12 tn_lemonflower.jpg (3773 bytes) medium
Lemon grass and susanqua.
11 tn_hornfruit.jpg (3660 bytes) medium
Horn Fruit.
10 tn_tamarillo.jpg (3016 bytes) medium
New Zealand tamarillo from the DeKalb Farmers Market..
9 tn_rita.jpg (5946 bytes) medium
Mary Engel's Lovely Rita at the Marcia Brown Gallery.
8 tn_leaflens.jpg (4152 bytes) medium
Leaves and taillight.
7 tn_sunleaf.jpg (5113 bytes) medium
Morning sun through fallen poplar leaf.
6 tn.poplar.needle.jpg (2812 bytes) medium
Poplar leaf and pine needle.
5 tn_effigy.hand.jpg (4355 bytes) medium
Gulf coast Indian effigy.
4 tn_twobrackets.jpg (5046 bytes) medium

Pair of bracket fungi, Woody Gap.

3 tn_seedpod.jpg (5234 bytes) medium

Seed pod ready to release parachute-like seeds to the wind, Cooper Creek.

2 tn_fourleaves.jpg (3873 bytes) medium

Four yellow leaves on the bank above Forest Service road 33, Cooper Creek, GA.

1 tn_redcanopy.jpg (4408 bytes) medium

Canopy of red leaves at Woody Gap, Georgia.

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