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January 2003
  31 tn_houndeyes.jpg (14183 bytes) medium He just peered up over the edge of the frame.
  30 tn_sandyroad.jpg (3437 bytes) medium A sandy car path, with and without morning-damp pine straw.
  29 tn_spanishbayonetfrills.jpg (5067 bytes) medium What could possibly be the evolutionary reason for the way a fiber separates at the edges of each leaf of this yucca?
  28 tn_wren.head.jpg (4656 bytes) medium A Carolina Wren, dead.
  27 tn_pinelines.jpg (23906 bytes) medium Straight lines in nature?  There are some approximations.
  26 tn_leisurehound.jpg (7802 bytes) medium A hound at his leisure on a cold sunny winter day.
  25 tn_rattlers.jpg (21902 bytes) medium Yes, Virginia, there is a rattlesnake roundup. Whigham, Georgia.
  24 tn_pinewarbler.jpg (4331 bytes) medium A pine warbler who has retained an unusual amount of color in his winter plumage.. 
  23 tn_white.bracket.fungus.jpg (4576 bytes) medium Bracet fungus, about the size of the palm of my hand.
  22 tn_fieldgoingby.jpg (15561 bytes) medium Semi-impressionist soybean field going by at 60 miles per hour. 
21 tn_blackbirdsprinkle.jpg (6035 bytes) medium Evening on a south Georgia highway with a sprinkle of blackbirds.


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