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October 1998
31 tn_carshine.jpg (3844 bytes) medium Automobile grille at the store in Suches, GA.
30 tn_susanqua.jpg (3972 bytes) medium Susanqua blossom with insect, back yard.
29 tn_damnitballs.jpg (3528 bytes) medium Sweetgum burrs
28 tn_hayshed.jpg (4264 bytes) medium Hayshed in late afternoon light, Penland, NC.
27 tn_mdh.rail.jpg (5125 bytes) medium Looking down the railroad tracks at the Penland Post Office
26 tn_maple.leaves.jpg (3864 bytes) medium Red autumn maple leaves, Penland, NC.
25 tn_mdh.slant.pines.jpg (4222 bytes) medium Grove of pines on the slant, Penland, NC.
24 tn_stepswirl.jpg (2343 bytes) medium Saw marks on a plank step, Penland, NC.
23 tn_heron.hand.jpg (2673 bytes) medium Great blue heron print and my hand on Horn Island.
22 tn_pinebark.jpg (5110 bytes) medium Pine bark detail.  Nothing too exciting, just great texture and color.
21 tn_libbyty.jpg (3443 bytes) medium Libby Rae Watson as the Statue of Libbyty, Horn Island.  Torch and tablet courtesy of Georges.
20 tn_mural.pelican.jpg (3179 bytes) medium Pelican from the west wall on the mural in the Ocean Springs Community Center.
19 tn_shells.jpg (4263 bytes) medium Shells at the high water mark on the outside beach at Horn Island.
18 tn_hi.pinecone.jpg (3949 bytes) medium Pinecone in spartina remnants washed ashore on Horn Island during Georges.
17 tn_littleroom.possum.jpg (3329 bytes) medium Detail of possum from a wall of the Little Room at the Walter Anderson Museum.
16 medium First autumn leaf. A few dogwoods, azaleas, and tulip trees have been provoked into blooming by the hurricane. Ocean Springs.
15 medium Milkshake and majorette in OS High Homecoming parade. Ocean Springs.
14 medium Spider at the edge of the porch ceiling. There are three unhatched egg cases. The fourth egg case at the lower left is covered with small spiders smaller than the head of a pin. Ocean Springs.
13 medium Jellyfish stranded by the hurricane and dried by the sun into a thin shadowy crust in the sand.
12 medium Plates of dried mud from the interior of Horn Island, after Hurricane Georges. The individual pieces are the size of the palm of your hand.
11 medium Zinnia design on the ceiling of the Little Room, Walter Anderson, Museum, Ocean Springs.
10 medium Pine Tree Bowl, Walter Anderson Museum, Ocean Springs.
9 medium Pot sherds from Deer Island. Ocean Springs.
8 medium One of the town's many "lawn turtles." This one was foraging in the puddles. Closeup. Ocean Springs.
7 medium Toad after the heavy morning rain, Ocean Springs.
6 medium Shipwrecked sneaker being incorporated into the island, Horn Island.
5 medium Chameleon who wandered into the kitchen through the open door, Ocean Springs.
4 medium Hurricane wind-carved sand, Horn Island.
3 medium Evening sky reflected in the water of Davis Bayou, Ocean Springs.
2 medium Hibiscus blossom in Rosemarie's garden, Ocean Springs.
1 medium

Raccoon skull found on Horn Island and found again in the side yard after being blown off the porch by the hurricane. Ocean Springs.

All images copyright 1998 by D. W. Abrams.  Unauthorized duplication or use is prohibited.