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February 2000
27   medium There's a gap between 2/10 and 3/6.  Blame it on a software project. 
9 tn_ouzts.jpg (1798 bytes) medium Longneck beers are $1 on Thursdays and they have live music on weekends.  Bring whatever you can play, but, please - no coolers.   Florida panhandle. Later - This place burned not long after the photo was shot, but they're rebuilt it and the smoked fish dip is great.
8 tn_sacajewea.jpg (2177 bytes) medium Sacajewea and child, from the new one-dollar coin. 
7 tn_glory.jpg (1239 bytes) medium A "glory" formed on top of the clouds by a Delta 767.  At one point four sets of concentric spectral rings were visible.
6 tn_cypress.skiff.jpg (2166 bytes) medium Alex Giroir and Raymond Sedatol's cypress skiff built for the 1984 World's Fair.
5 tn_skiff.stern.jpg (3013 bytes) medium Stern of a wooden skiff at the Suggestive Curves exhibit in the Essex Peabody Museum.
4 tn_bill.jpg (3480 bytes) medium Bill the Cat at his leisure, Ipswich.
3 (4384 bytes) medium

Aphids trapped in pine sap.   It's been happening for millions of years.

2 (3664 bytes) medium

Sap oozing from the end of a pine limb that fell during the ice storm.  The knots were formed by two smaller limbs emerging from the main body.

1 tn_wild.azalea.bud.jpg (4570 bytes) medium

A bud on one of the native azaleas in the back yard.

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