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July 1999
31 tn_shrimpfamily.jpg (1794 bytes) medium Taking the family out for a weekend cruise instead of shrimping.
30 tn_pitcher.plant.jpg (4411 bytes) medium Red pitcher plant along the edge of I-65 in Baldwin County, Al.  They're carnivorous.  The cilia beneath the "roof" and in the throat prevent insects from climbing out.
29 tn_skybow.jpg (1680 bytes) medium A spectral pattern created just before the sun appeared from behind the cloud.
28 tn_rabbits.jpg (1176 bytes) medium A pair of evening rabbits along Shearwater Drive in Ocean Springs.
27 tn_hyacinth.jpg (2110 bytes) medium Three blossoms on the water hyacinths in the garden pond.
26 tn_spider.web.2.jpg (4967 bytes) medium Another spider web catching the morning rays.
25 tn_dragonfly1.jpg (2274 bytes) medium Dragonfly on Cynthia's front porch.
24 tn_dragonfly.jpg (2448 bytes) medium Dragonfly on Cynthia's front porch.
23 tn_fossil.scallop.jpg (1800 bytes) medium Rosemarie's fossil scallop from Calvert Cliffs.
22 tn_spider.web.jpg (3323 bytes) medium Spider web in the morning sunlight.
21 tn_fungus.anemone.jpg (3014 bytes) medium A fungus that appeared on the side of the house.  It looked like a sea anemone and the spores drifted off in a dense cloud at the slightest breath of air.  The ant near the base is one of the very tiny ones, about 1/16" long.
20 tn_dogwood.yellow.jpg (2671 bytes) medium Dogwood leaves with morning sun.
19 tn_duckshadow.jpg (1418 bytes) medium The shadow of the duck decoy next to the laser printer falling on the bottom of the door to the study.
18 tn_poplarv.jpg (2987 bytes) medium Early morning sun on poplar trunks and dogwood leaves in the back yard.
17 tn_azalea.leaf.jpg (1686 bytes) medium An azalea leaf giving a preview of fall.
16 tn_sweetshrub.jpg (1927 bytes) medium A pair of new sweetshrub leaves.  This is a cutting from a plant my grandmother transplanted to their new home when they moved in about 1920.
15 tn_click.beetle.jpg (1442 bytes) medium A click beetle with his legs and antennae folded and pretending to be dead.
14 tn_nandina.sprout.jpg (1510 bytes) medium Young nandina leaf.  Isn't it odd that the branches connect along the edges of the leaf?
13 tn_pines.jpg (2789 bytes) medium Pine trees in the back yard.
12 tn_pond.fountain.jpg (2117 bytes) medium And with the fountain turned on.
11 tn_pond.reflect.jpg (2258 bytes) medium Strobe reflections in the garden pond.
10 tn_pf.vine.jpg (2521 bytes) medium Passion flower vine climbing the trellis.
9 tn_fritata.jpg (2680 bytes) medium Dinner.
8 tn_fern.jpg (2392 bytes) medium Fern frond.
7 tn_mermaid.jpg (2712 bytes) medium Oaxaca mermaid at Cathy's house.
6 tn_cloud1.jpg (2616 bytes) medium What do you see?
5 tn_spectrum.jpg (1909 bytes) medium A spectral pattern from the stairway at the office.  The light fixture in the entry caused it.
4 tn_banana.moth.jpg (1579 bytes) medium A lucky shot with in macro mode with the strobe.  The moth was about an inch long.  It was attracted to a bit of very ripe banana applied to a pine tree.  (It's an old lepidopterist's trick.)
3 tn_ant.moth.jpg (2809 bytes) medium The ant managed to bushwhack the moth while it was perched on the pine tree that rises through the deck.
2 tn_magnolia.leaf.jpg (1701 bytes) medium A magnolia leaf with raindrops.
1 tn_spider.blood.jpg (1531 bytes) medium

I know that the focus/depth of field is bad; it was a hand-held shot.  But, can anyone tell me what the red fluid is?  He didn't look damaged, but do granddaddy longlegs spiders have red blood?

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