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January 2000
31 tn_vortices.jpg (2306 bytes) medium Wingtip vortices traced by moisture condensing in the low pressure areas.  Hartsfield Airport. 
30 tn_francies.dash.jpg (3736 bytes) medium Francie's dashboard.
29 tn_shell.screen.jpg (3467 bytes) medium

Shadow of window screen on a seashell, creating contour lines.

28 tn_buzzardnosedetail.jpg (3535 bytes) medium

Detail of the interior of the mushroom.  The shiny brown area is a sticky liquid that contains the mushroom's spores.  The gnats and flies that are attracted by the smell disperse the spores.

27 tn_buzzardnose.jpg (6269 bytes) medium

Buzzard's nose mushroom.   The color and form are nice, but the smell is absolutely terrible.

26 tn_icy.curve.jpg (2858 bytes) medium Nothing coming.
25 tn_iced.wires.jpg (3164 bytes) medium Young pines learning about gravity at the expense of old abandoned telegraph wires.
24 tn_magnoliacicle.jpg (4377 bytes) medium Magnolia leaf with icecicle.
23 tn_iced.needles.jpg (4683 bytes) medium The accumulated weight of ice on the pine needles caused huge limbs and entire trees to snap like twigs.
22 tn_iced.lines.jpg (2729 bytes) medium Iced power line.
21 tn_icetruck.jpg (3276 bytes) medium Ice Storm 2000.  Home Depot sold out of those plastic-wrapped bundles of split oak and began cutting up lumber to sell for firewood.  Meanwhile, may streets were still blocked by downed limbs.
20 tn_eclipse.jpg (2324 bytes) medium

A very rough image of last night's lunar eclipse.  It was shot through the trees, through my binoculars - everything hand held.

19 tn_cold.goose.jpg (3852 bytes) medium Cold Canada goose conserving heat.
18 tn_hippo.jpg (3513 bytes) medium

Without a doubt, the best concrete hippo I've ever encountered.  He's solid and weighs more than 4,000 pounds.

17 (6576 bytes) medium

Buckle up.  It's the law.

16 tn_rider.jpg (2848 bytes) medium Rider.
15 tn_longhorn.jpg (3387 bytes) medium


14 tn_heading.jpg (2942 bytes) medium

Heading a stray back into the herd.

13 tn_bronze.herd.jpg (3410 bytes) medium

Herd of longhorns crossing the artifical creek near the Dallas Convention Center.  They're headed toward the place not far away where John Kennedy was shot.

12 tn_squeezecarrots.jpg (4454 bytes) medium

Box of stress-relief exercise carrots.  Trade show gimmees.

11 tn_mahoniahand.jpg (8301 bytes) medium Leatherleaf mahonia blossoms.
10 tn_leaflattice.jpg (3922 bytes) medium Detail from yesterday's photo.
9 tn_leafghost.jpg (4011 bytes) medium A bigleaf magnolia leaf gradually dissolving into the backyard soil.
8 tn_grfeather.det.jpg (4974 bytes) medium Detail of central shaft of the feather.
7 tn_grfeather.jpg (2195 bytes) medium

Grouse feather?  I picked it up in NW Georgia back in the fall.  The loft of the downy part of the feather is astonishing.

6 tn_redboard.jpg (2613 bytes) medium

This one follows the puzzle, too.  But, your dad might have to help with figuring out how this one fits.

5 tn_duneflower.jpg (3911 bytes) medium

December dune flower.   These first five images include a puzzle for Leah and Katy. 

4 tn_dewleaves.jpg (2685 bytes) medium

Dew and mist on the leaves, but not on the stem.

3 tn_can3.jpg (3549 bytes) medium

Calm day on the sound, with the moon doing more to move the boat than the wind.

2 tn_pearl.jpg (2230 bytes) medium

Not a sign of a Y2K problem.

1 tn_sun.jpg (1673 bytes) medium


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