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October 1999
31 tn_candybasket.jpg (6313 bytes) medium Seasonal treats.
30 tn_hyacinth.veins.jpg (4583 bytes) medium Morning light through a water hyacinth leaf.
29 tn_birdhouse.jpg (5378 bytes) medium Morning shadows on one of the bird boxes.
28 tn_iced.evap.jpg (2481 bytes) medium The evaporator of the little refrigerator in the office.  (It's been an odd day.)
27 tn_grapeleaf.jpg (4161 bytes) medium Grapevine leaf on the arbor over the deck.
26 tn_excelbug.jpg (2829 bytes) medium Bug in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
25 (2747 bytes) medium He/she was taking the morning sun on a hyacinth leaf in the garden pond.
24 tn_hmong.bag.jpg (5845 bytes) medium Textile made by the Hmong people in the mountains of Vietnam.
23 tn_musselbusters.jpg (4684 bytes) medium From Castine, Maine in August.  It's directed toward zebra mussels, not the tasty type.
22 tn_eddie.road.jpg (5583 bytes) medium The road along the east brow of Lookout Mountain.
21 tn_creekleaf.jpg (3161 bytes) medium A leaf in the creek.
20 tn_beargoat.jpg (6719 bytes) medium If you don't see the bear and the goat, you have a deeply seated psychological problem that will make it difficult for you to obtain full-time employment.
19 tn_nozzle.jpg (4503 bytes) medium The spray head on the garden hose.
18 tn_caterpillar1.jpg (2027 bytes) medium Another view of a Gulf Fritillary caterpillar, munching a leaf on a passion flower vine.  Most of them have already formed chrysalises.
17 tn_sanddollar.ctr.jpg (1988 bytes) medium The center portion of a sand dollar.
16 tn_cicade.bk.flare.jpg (1681 bytes) medium Backlit cicada shell with lens flare.
15 tn_cicada.back2.jpg (1868 bytes) medium Backlit cicada shell.
14 tn_cicada.jpg (2159 bytes) medium A cicada shell, shed as the larva emerges as an adult.  It was on the underside of the bench on the deck.  I flipped the image to avoid excessive neck bending.
13 tn_fencejoint.jpg (1567 bytes) medium A joint in the back fence and a wisteria vine.
12 tn_grubs.jpg (1776 bytes) medium A pair of beetle grubs that were devouring a log in the wood pile.   Note the diagonal bracing inside the body segments.  .
11 tn_flyswat.jpg (2957 bytes) medium Detail of a plastic flyswatter.
10 tn_teds.jpg (7620 bytes) medium Shrimp nets with the mandatory turtle excluders, or teds.  Some of the shrimpers don't care for them and refer to them as "turtle extruders."  Could be a vocabularly problem or could be a comment on the law that requires them, Ocean Springs.
9 tn_robberfly.jpg (3545 bytes) medium I believe this is called a robber fly; they're predatory.  I've seen them carrying huge grasshoppers.   This one was warming up on the steps to the deck one morning in mid-August.
8 tn_pwflower.jpg (2571 bytes) medium Begonia blossom, Ipswich, MA.
7 tn_fritillary.caterpilar.jpg (2837 bytes) medium Gulf fritillary caterpilar.
6 tn_pshoes.jpg (5396 bytes) medium Patience's garden shoes, Ispwitch, MA.
5 tn_bumblebee.jpg (4366 bytes) medium Bumblebee, Ispwitch, MA.
4 tn_billstove.jpg (3454 bytes) medium Bill the cat has obviously never had a bad experience with a hot stove, Ispwitch, MA.
3 tn_bench.jpg (5018 bytes) medium Backyard bench.
2 tn_tendril.spiral.jpg (3858 bytes) medium Passion flower vine tendril.
1 tn_yellow.meter.jpg (3879 bytes) medium

Commercial gas meter dial.

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